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Manninen Philanthropy Video Transcript

Video Description

Art collector and entrepreneur Walter J. Manninen, and all of us at Endicott College,
invite you to visit and explore the Center for the Arts and become a part of our vibrant community. We are open to the public and offer top-notch performances, family-friendly programs, and museum-quality exhibits.

Text Transcript

0:00 - My name's Walter J. Manninen. 


0:03 I've been collecting art for over 40 years. 


0:06 I've always used museums as my inspiration 


0:09 for where I should go next for art. 


0:12 If you go to the Peabody Essex, on the main floor they'll have 


0:15 Marguerite Pearson, they'll have Leon Kroll. 


0:17 These are important artists that are also in our collection. 


0:22 If you go to the Cape Ann Museum, 


0:24 you'll have Theresa Bernstein, William Meyerowitz. 


0:28 You'll have Leon Kroll, you'll have Walker Hancock. 


0:32 We have the same... 


0:35 set of artists. 


0:37 The galleries have been built to museum standards, 


0:41 with lighting, security, et cetera. 


0:44 So, this allows Endicott, 


0:46 and we borrowed from major museums, 


0:49 it allows other institutions to be able to lend their art 


0:54 to programming at Endicott. 


0:56 Museums will not lend to institutions 


1:00 if they do not have the right museum-quality setting. 


1:06 Both by design, lighting, architecture, security, et cetera. 


1:10 And Endicott does. 


1:11 Endicott has the most beautiful setting of any... 


1:17 of the institutions along the Gold Coast, the Oil Coast. 


1:24 I've never been to an event 1:26at the Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts 


1:29 that wasn't top-notch in its presentation, in its offerings, 


1:33 and even the receptions that they have are extraordinary. 


1:37 You know, I would ask the question: 


1:39 what art opening have you ever been to 


1:43 where there are dancers doing the Charleston? 


1:47 Well, that would be at Endicott College. 


1:49 It was sort of a joke, they asked me what we should do 


1:52 for entertainment, and I said, "oh, bring in the dancers." 


1:55 It was a joke, but they followed through. 


1:57 It was extraordinary. It floored me. 


2:01 But, that's the multi-talented access 


2:05 that the school provides to the community. 


2:07 It's part of the college offering, 


2:10 it's part of the intellectual endeavors,


2:13 and the cultural endeavors of the College. 


2:15 Unlike a museum, how it has to support itself 


2:18 through admissions, et cetera. 


2:20 There's always something remarkable going on. 


2:23 The performances, they're either free, 


2:25 or it costs so little, 


2:27 that an entire family could go and enjoy. 


2:30 It's a beautiful theater. 


2:32 And, you know, it's just such a beautiful environment. 


2:35 Even if you just decide to go up and take a look 


2:38 at the expansive ocean views from the top of the center, 


2:42 it's all worthwhile. 


2:44 I'd like to encourage the public 


2:47 to go to this extraordinary center. 


2:51 Who knows? 


2:51 You might even see me there. 


2:52 I'm there a lot. 


2:54 But, there's always something going on. 


2:56 It's a fabulous, state-of-the-art center, 


2:59 open to the public. 


3:01 Some of the best shows and performances 3:04on the North Shore are held there. 


3:06 And it's a community, they'll welcome you with open arms. 


3:11 Please, see what's available at Endicott College.