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Alternative Break Programs

Program Overview

Alternative Break Programs (ABP) are organized by colleges and universities nationwide as an alternative to the conventional winter, spring, and summer breaks. Students accepted into a program commit to planning, fundraising, travel, and volunteer work in places all around the country and in some cases internationally.

ABP exposes students to complex social and cultural issues through community visits, experiential learning, direct service, group discussion, readings, and reflection activities. In return it is our hope that participants see the need for advocates of social change on issues affecting our communities.

Program Details

We offer both on-campus and off-campus alternative spring break programs. Applications for alternative spring break are available in the beginning of the fall semester. When winter and summer opportunities exist, there will also be an application process. If you are interested in this type of community service and would like to be involved in future alternative breaks, please call or email Lauri Rawls, director of community service, at 978-232-2241 or