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Inspired by the ’80s, Luigi Porretta ’23 is Bringing the Energy to Endicott

In Pictures
Porretta welcoming new students during this year’s move-in day.
In Pictures
A shot of Porretta at one of Endicott's athletic games, taken by Ryan Asia Atkins ’23.
In Pictures
Porretta with his best friend James Day, after an Endicott football game (provided by Porretta).
In Pictures
Porretta with his freshmen orientation group this past summer
In Pictures
Porretta at the women's volleyball game during Homecoming & Family Weekend 2022.
In Pictures
Porretta as the Endicott Gull mascot at one of the women's volleyball games this fall, taken by Ryan Asia Atkins ’23.
By: Madison Schulman

Longboarding through the Endicott campus, you can’t miss Luigi Porretta ’23. Blasting songs like “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” on his boombox, the communications major is bringing back the ’80s on campus.

After hearing about a boombox one of his professors found, Porretta wanted one of his own. His dad purchased one for Christmas two years ago, and the rest is history.

“It’s unconventional, it’s weird, and it’s bizarre,” said Porretta. “It reminds you of nostalgia, it reminds you of bringing back what was already cool.”

The ’80s didn’t have the technology and other things we have today, he mentioned, but people were more present than they are currently.

“They were more free, they tasted the atmosphere of fun wherever they went, even if it was bad,” said Porretta. “The ’80s movies, music, and themes remind me to keep moving forward and make the most with what I have right now.”

Porretta is sharing his love for the ’80s with the Endicott community. Through EC Radio, he shares his favorite hits via his radio show, Friday Night Lights.

He is also bringing nostalgia to Endicott’s athletics games, where you can find him pumping up the crowd with an ’80s hit. Porretta runs up and down the stands, encouraging fans with his high energy.

“At the end of the day, you come to a sports game to have fun. So have fun, be energetic. Leave it all on the line,” said Porretta.

But Porretta wasn't always interested in sports. However, he knew that once he came to college, he wanted to bring different groups of people together, a “Breakfast Club mentality.” The sports games have been his way to do so, with his boombox on his shoulder.

“I've been able to bridge and network people together that I would have never thought would come together,” said Porretta.

The boombox isn’t the only way Porretta is pumping up the crowds. If you’ve seen the Gull mascot at sports games, it’s most likely Porretta. Being the Endicott mascot has been an amazing opportunity, said Porretta, a “bucket list item.”

Another great opportunity has been the student’s internship this semester, working at the Beverly Bootstraps Thrift Shop, where Porretta has been learning more about the marketing and communications operations behind a nonprofit.

So far, he has produced social content, including Instagram and TikTok videos, where he’s come up with fun ideas like a Breakfast Club-inspired video which includes various members of the thrift shop coming together. Dressed in ’80s outfits, they are working to the song “Don't You Forget About Me” in the background.

“This whole semester, it’s just gonna be highlight reel after highlight reel,” said Porretta.

The internship has been the best job he’s had, Porretta said. He’s working with colleagues of various backgrounds, including one who Porretta explained is “right out of Woodstock, 1969 with like ’60s vibes.” The two listen to music together (on a boombox of course!), with Porretta comparing the experience to being in a movie.

“I get to actually see how I help people,” said Porretta. “I don't think a lot of people can say that, where you visually get to see how you help people in front of your eyes.”

Throughout his time at the internship, he hopes to make a lasting impact on the people he’ll be helping during his short three months and get more Endicott students down to the thrift shop, bringing in a younger generation.

Halloween is additionally another crucial part of Porretta’s life.

“Halloween every year of my Endicott experience has gotten better and better and better. It's probably the highlight of my year,” said Porretta.

Porretta will take these memories with him when he graduates in the spring of 2023.

“I've had an amazing time, and I do not regret a single thing,” he said.