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Junior Year Preparation and Senior Internships

The full-time, 14-week semester internship is the final field experience in our internship sequence. The semester-long internship can be completed either during spring of your junior year or fall of your senior year. We encourage student athletes who play fall semester sports to consider completing their semester-long internships during the spring of the junior year.

Our internship coordinators support you throughout the internship sequence. In addition to teaching the pre-internship seminars, they provide individual advising, networking support, and guidance on searching for opportunities.

While interning, you will work closely with your internship coordinator, faculty from your academic department, and your site supervisor to ensure you are developing relevant skills and are on track to meet your goals. At the completion of your internship, you will complete a senior thesis project that integrates your four years of academic study. These projects provide rich academic and professional content that will help you to further your knowledge in your career field.

Semester-long Internship Stipend

Financial assistance is available to support travel costs for students completing the semester-long internship. The intent of the stipend is to encourage students to take advantage of exceptional internship opportunities that might require students to incur additional transportation costs. Interested students should apply through MyEndicott.