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Giving Day Video Transcript

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0:00(upbeat music)
0:02- March fourth is Giving Day, Endicott College's largest single-day fundraising event.
0:09 This Giving Day, we aim to surpass last year's successful results with 2,200 gifts and a total amount of $175,000 raised.
0:20 To help us get there, Trustee Joanna Schulman has generously agreed to donate $25 for every gift made.
0:29 That's $55,000 if we reach our goal.
0:32 Joanna has inspired us.
0:34 So, throughout the day, we will have additional challenges to ask parents, alumni, supporters of Endicott Athletics, faculty, staff, and even our students, to get involved to unlock an additional matching donor funds.
0:49 Throughout the day, you will hear stories from a few of our amazing students like Rachid, an international studies major, Rob, an elementary education major, and Mackenzie, an athletic training major and women's volleyball student.
1:06 Your gift helps students succeed.
1:09 Your gift makes Endicott stronger.
1:13 Your gift can be allocated to a specific cause near and dear to your heart, or directly placed into the Endicott Fund to be used where it is needed most.
1:25 Join us by helping to fund Endicott's future by giving today, at
1:35Thank you.