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Kaitlyn Nadeau Internship Video Transcript

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0:00 (upbeat music)
0:01- Coming into my first week, I was a little
0:03 on the edge because I wasn't sure what to expect.
0:05 Especially the first day that I had to report for duty.
0:08 You know, you face the gate with the security guard,
0:11 which they are very nice people, but if you were
0:13 any regular person you would be a little frightened.
0:16 Especially at seven in the morning.
0:17 I'm Kaitlyn Nadeau.
0:18 I'm currently at my semester internship.
0:20 I'm a rising senior at Endicott College.
0:22 My major is bioengineering.
0:25 I am currently at the Natick Soldier Research Center.
0:27 It is a army base, so we do have about 50 soldiers on base
0:31 that could test to the new equipment
0:33 that we are working on to increase quality of life
0:35 for the people that are serving our country.
0:37 So we do a lot of soldier research.
0:39 I am with the biological science technology team.
0:42 I've also worked with the chemists
0:44 in the chemical science technology team, as well.
0:47 Right now I am currently working on a fungus
0:50 that's affecting the army's defense tents.
0:53 The army switched to synthetic PVC materials for their tent
0:56 and they are still having fungus problems.
0:58 No matter where this shelter is set up
1:01 this fungus is the first colonizer,
1:03 which then allows all the other colonizers
1:05 which then ultimately degrade the synthetic material.
1:09 For my internship, since it is more biomolecular
1:11 biological research, I got a lot of what I needed
1:15 from our chemistry labs at Endicott
1:17 and also the biology labs.
1:20 You know, they were basic Chemistry 101
1:22 or Biology 101, and they are always helpful,
1:26 and they taught us, you know, the basics
1:29 for techniques in the laboratory.
1:31 So that definitely helped when getting to here
1:33 because previously in my internship,
1:34 I hadn't done much laboratory work.
1:37 It was more on the engineering aspect of it,
1:38 so I got to get into a little more of laboratory work,
1:42 which was very exciting for me.
1:44 At the end of the day I think I
1:46 could definitely see myself here,
1:47 because ever since I've been in high school
1:50 I've definitely been interested in ROTC.
1:52 I also do have family that's, you know,
1:53 been in the army or been with the military,
1:56 so it was a good experience I knew that was coming my way.