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Countdown to Commencement 2018 Transcript

Video Description

The Class of 2018 shares their post-commencement plans thanks to the degree and experiences they had at Endicott College. They also share some parting advice for incoming students as they begin their collegiate careers.

Text Transcript

[Alexa Beatrice] Hi my name is Alexa Beatrice.

[Paige Pratt] Paige Pratt.

[Amar Patel] Amar Patel.

[Sydney Kimball] Sydney Kimball.

[Hannah Mathes] Hannah Mathes.

[Tommy Pisciotta] Tommy Pisciotta.

[Colleen Silva] I'm Colleen Silva.

[Alexa] I will be graduating with a degree in accounting and finance.

[Paige] My bachelor's in exercise science.

[Amar] Business degree in hospitality management and business management.

[Colleen] I'm a graduating member of the Van Loan School at Endicott College in the Master of Science in nursing program.

[Sydney] BFA in interior design.

[Hannah] Educational studies.

[Tommy] I'll be graduating with a degree in entrepreneurship.

[Amar] After graduation, I plan on going abroad to get my MBA in international hospitality management.

[Alexa] I'll be working at Wellington Management in Boston, Massachusetts.

[Sydney] I will be employed full-time at Cube 3 Studio in Lawrence, Mass.

[Hannah] I'll be attending the Van Loan School to get my master's in education.

[Tommy] I'll be moving back to St. Louis for the summer then I'll be headed back up to get my master's here at the Van Loan School.

[Paige] I'm moving down to the Cape to work at Spaulding in the adaptive sports program. I'll be down there for the summer and then hopefully I'll be able to continue working with them after.

[Sydney] One piece of advice of I would give to incoming students is, honestly,...

[Alexa] Get involved. You'll meet so many great people here on campus and really experience the Endicott community.

[Amar] Take advantage of all the things that Endicott offers like their study abroad program, their internships.

[Colleen] Step boldly into the fray and pursue your master's, it's an extraordinary experience.

[Hannah] Get out of your comfort zone and try something new because now is the time and Endicott is definitely the place.

[Tommy] You've probably been told to be yourself at college. I would challenge you to find yourself because over these next four years you'll probably change a whole lot.

[Sydney] Make sure you get sleep. It's the most helpful thing you can do to yourself.

[Paige] Say yes to everything. Don't spend any nights sitting in your room. Go out and have fun because it really does fly by.