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Be An Endicott Gull Video

Video Description

Discover Endicott, a four year co-educational, private college located on the oceanfront and just 20 miles north of Boston. Endicott students gain a career edge through required internships, learning through professional work experiences each year in Boston, throughout the United States, or in some cases around the world. Endicott students distinguish themselves by graduating with a degree and a resume.

Text Transcript

Located 20 miles from Boston on the historic North Shore, Endicott is one the most spectacular campuses in the United States. Founded in nineteen thirty-nine, Endicott is a vibrant and  unique largely residential college offering bachelor master and doctoral degrees in over 50 fields of study ranging from business to communication,  from the arts and sciences, to sports science and fitness. Endicott boasts state-of-the-art facilities, a tradition of academic excellence and a unique hands-on approach to higher education. 

>>There's a tremendous amount of encouragement on this campus. 

Students come from all over the world to study at Endicott, and over forty percent of our students study abroad during their college careers. 

We all share the same hopes, the same dreams and we can learn from you.

My name is Manuel and I'm from Caracas, Venezuela.

Endicott was the first college in the nation to require three distinct internships, including a semester-long internship during a student's senior year. Our students graduate with a degree and a resume. 

I did my internship at Brigham and Women's Hospital and started to feel more confident with my abilities and starting to feel a little more prepared to take the Boards. 

With 56 championships from the last 10 years Endicott offers one of the finest division three athletic programs in the United States. A wide variety of Visual and Performing Arts create a rich and diverse environment for faculty and students alike.

I know it's a cliché and I know it's very hokey but it becomes a little bit like family. 

I think the students that get to come here automatically have someone that's embracing them and helping them through their four years instead of saying best of luck. 

We strive here at Endicott to make an Endicott education affordable to everybody. As Dean of Financial Aid, that's my promise and that's my commitment to you. 

You have a lot of one-on-one experience with the teachers they know your name, they know if you're not at classes, which is good because then you get held accountable, for people like me like who like to sleep in. 

The professors definitely go above and beyond. You're not just a number at Endicott. 

You make great friends at Endicott and it really prepared me for life after college. 

I love Endicott so much I convinced my sister to come here. 

I walk around campus and see people that I know everywhere. Ask how their day is, how they're doing, if they want to hang out and you know that's just something you don't get at a big college or university. 

Small, great community. It's tightly-knit. Everyone knows each other and everyone pulls together.

We're very proud of Endicott College. The location is spectacular. The facilities, the new buildings, the laboratories, the research centers, the athletic facilities, their state-of-the-art. It's more than buildings. It's more than location. It's about a community that believes you can grow and develop into what you want to be and what you can be. This year, fifty-three percent of our students received jobs from their internship sites. That is unheard of in higher education. Look at Endicott College as an opportunity for you. It's an opportunity to grow, to learn, and become a strong professional. 

Discover the experience. Discover Endicott. 

We have four beaches there's no reason you shouldn't want to come here.