Sailing Beyond the Shore

New buildings. Exciting initiatives. Expansive possibilities. A new chapter is underway at Endicott College, with more to come.

Sailing Beyond the Shore
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During the 2021–22 academic year, Endicott College set forth a vision for a bold future in a strategic plan titled Sail Beyond the Shore. Centered around four priorities, this charter has officially moved from the planning phase into one of impact. Across campus, changes can be felt through new buildings, new initiatives, and expansive new possibilities. Here are just a few highlights.

Power of Place

Living & learning together

In fall 2022, five Living Learning Communities debuted on campus, allowing students to cultivate a deeper sense of community while immersing themselves in a specific theme through academic work, activities, residence life, and excursions.

Hospitality at its finest

As with Misselwood Estate, Endicott began directly managing the Wylie Center & Tupper Manor to provide a seamless experience throughout the College’s wedding and conference enterprise.

Hidden secret no more

Events like the Presidential Speaker Series—which last year brought travel guru Rick Steves to campus and is funded by a generous commitment from Arlene Battistelli ’60—and Exploring the College Presidency, an immersive seminar for aspiring higher ed leaders, are helping put Endicott on the map as a destination for high-profile events.

Sailing Beyond the Shore

A campus transformed

Summer 2023 saw the completion of the new Cummings School of Nursing & Health Sciences, as well as the implementation of wayfinding signage; new turf, scoreboard, and locker rooms at Hempstead Stadium; a new dance studio; a new front entrance; expanded fitness center; and a refresh of the Diane M. Halle Library. More campus updates are on the way.

Transformational Learning

Flexible options

Endicott added four micro-credentials— high-quality educational opportunities to advance a career with less time and financial commitment—including Cannabis Management; Creative Marketing & Research Tools; Fabrication & Design; and Spanish for Healthcare Professionals.

Partnerships abroad

The College forged even stronger partnerships with Endicott College Madrid and Munster Technological University (MTU) in Cork, Ireland—two key intern and study abroad sites.

Sailing Beyond the Shore

Young leaders

Leadership Scholars Program launched in spring 2023, offering Gulls academic and engagement opportunities to intentionally develop as leaders at Endicott.

Studying DEI

Gulls are now required to take two DEI-designated courses, which provide greater cultural competency through the study of the many forms of diversity in society.

Finding a path

A new required seminar, “Finding Your Path: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Problem-Solving,” helps undeclared students identify their skills and values, learn about different fields at Endicott, and explore them through interdisciplinary case studies, which, along with a new Major & Minor Fair, all help students make an informed choice when declaring a major.

Strength of Story

On a mission

Following several focus groups with campus stakeholders, the Board of Trustees in June 2023 approved Endicott’s new mission statement: To inspire leadership through transformational learning.

Widespread acclaim

Through its transformational academics and dynamic campus, Endicott faculty and initiatives garnered several high-profile headlines with The Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, NPR, and beyond.

Staying connected

Endicott launched the Gull Ambassador Program, inviting passionate alumni, parents, and friends to volunteer their time to connect the Endicott community back to the Nest.