In Memoriam

Our thoughts are with the families of Endicott College community members who we have lost over the years. Below is a list of those who passed away or whose death we were made aware of between November 2020 and the time of printing.

If you note any errors or omissions, please contact the Alumni Office at

  • 1940s

    Nancy L. Smith ’45

    Betty J. Little Dekalb ’46

    Carol Lounsbery ’46

    Nirene Pollard Stewart ’46

    Jane Kimball Hansen ’47

    Gloria Johnson Hibbard ’47

    Virginia Backus Upham ’47

    Dorothy Russell Baker ’49

    Marian Coward Page ’49

    Joan Forbes Szabo ’49

  • 1950s

    Carol Raymond Birden ’50

    Helaine S. Cohen Coval ’50

    Betty A. DuRant Fretz ’50

    Nancy J. Millere Gamber ’50

    Diane Mazza DiBella ’51

    Jeanette Grant Harris ’51

    Nancy Frost O’Connor ’51

    Carolyn F. Goeckler ’52

    Jane Carrier Nystrom ’52

    Ann C. Newburger Pappenheimer ’53

    Joanne M. Bowman Sheldon ’53

    Lucy Bonn Wheaton ’53

    Rosemary Davidson Flynn ’54

    Janet E. Heap Henriksen ’54

    Winifred Blair Hitchen ’54

    Janice S. Chapman Kirby ’54

    Carol Swikart Snyder ’54

    Dr. Carol Amos Grillo ’55

    Elizabeth Barnes Halsted ’55

    Joan Goetz Hughes ’55

    Vera J. Robinson Massarano ’55

    Roberta Anne Cousins Alex MH’56

    Eleanor D. Keefe Maskell ’56

    Mary Elizabeth Meredith ’56

    Mary Moran ’56

    Nancy Chippendale Teagle ’56

    Nancy Foote Biglow ’57

    Dolores A. Barbuto Ryan ’57

    Gloria McPhee Flahive MH’58

    Judith Cook Friend ’58

    Dorothy M. Stolarz Hurley ’58

    Mary Ellen Kuss Decker ’59

    Deryl Collins Foss ’59

    Jane Sachs Radoff ’59

    Marie Etta LaMonica Salwocki ’59

  • 1960s

    Vesta A. Lee Burroughs ’60

    Betsy L. Davis ’60

    Norma MacKinnon Donovan ’60

    Dorcas Hathaway Alley ’61

    Carolyn Durocher Little ’61

    Betsey Rohn MacIver ’61

    Virginia P. Brown ’63

    Fredericka M. Feely ’63

    Elizabeth Brazel McCormick ’63

    Joanne Forbes Nelson ’63

    Marjorie L. Tryforos Padilla ’63

    Barbara A. Wheaton ’63

    Sharon Lee Tonken Wolmetz ’65

    Janice C. Tinkham Bulger ’66

    Carol E. Carson ’66

    Carman L. Dawson ’66

    Susan A. Wallach Gordon ’66

    Theo Ditmars-Fontaine ’68

    Susan Pineau ’68

    Barbara Kay Toohil ’69

  • 1970s

    Jeanne Sullivan Hammond ’70

    Leslie Greenberg Stewart ’70

    Anne M. Spelman ’71

    Claudette J. Durocher Lussier ’74

    Elizabeth Ann Jarvis Murphy ’74

    Patricia Ritchie Plaziak ’74

    Debra M. Weiner ’74

    Bonnie Lee Becker Boyce ’75

    Wendy A. Weiss ’75

    Evelyn Beebe ’76

    Darlene Leuschner Schwarz ’76

    Susan Sheridan ’76

    Susan Lynn Talbot ’77

    Julie A. Rice Poor ’78

    Susanne G. Plowman Rondeau ’79

  • 1980s

    Regina E. Sullivan ’83


    Renae Dunphy Lefay ’86

  • 1990s
  • 2000s

    Colonel (RET.) Joseph W. Mercuri M’01

    Thomas John Cataldi ’07

    Paul J. Massalski M’07

    Leanne Morrissey M’09

  • 2010s
  • Faculty & Staff

    William Baxter
    Assistant Director of Facilities

    Bill Baxter was more than the Associate Director of Facilities for 13 years—he was a campus fixture, the go-to guy, the fixer. He was also a father, husband, and friend. The Endicott community misses him dearly.

    Between the rear of Hempstead Commons and the WAX Academic Center, a memorial red maple tree will be planted to ensure that Bill’s memory, his love for the Endicott campus, and his impact on the community will never diminish.