President's Corner: Fall 2023 

Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D., PresidentAt the end of the spring 2023 semester, the Board of Trustees approved a new mission statement for Endicott College: To inspire leadership through transformational learning.

It’s an elegant credo that succinctly captures what we do at the Nest—prepare students for thriving careers, yes, but beyond our excellent academics, the entire Endicott experience is centered around readying our Gulls to be the community changemakers, intrepid innovators, and bold creative forces the world needs.

Undertaking a new mission statement is no small feat—it requires consensus from various stakeholders, and so it was a group effort of faculty, staff, and students that helped write yet another new chapter in Endicott’s continuing evolution.

Speaking of writing, we are celebrating the tapestry of diverse stories that comprise the Endicott community through this year's academic theme, Share Your Story. While a tapestry is beautiful to look at and behold from afar, when you get in close you realize that it is made up of threads—threads that literally hold everything together and make the beautiful object possible.

Throughout their careers and lives, our graduates go on to achieve extraordinary things. They become educators, nurses, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, architects, and beyond. They’re increasingly global and have amazing stories to tell.

As our Spread Your Wings: The Campaign for Endicott College campaign enters its second year this fall, our alumni and current students and their stories serve as an ongoing reminder of the momentous impact Endicott creates every day.

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Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D.