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President Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D., offers a peek at Endicott’s plans for a bold future.

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I’ve been talking a lot about the future of Endicott College. And when I do, my new favorite description of that future is ‘bold.’ 

At Endicott, bold means the College is looking towards growth that is unique, inspiring, and perhaps a bit daring. It means being innovative, all while remaining true to our roots and mission. Right now, that future is being shaped by the hard work and dedication of everyone in our Endicott family, and it is incredible.

A great deal of planning for this bold future took place during the past year and a half, the result of which is our Strategic Plan, Sail Beyond the Shore.

As you’ll see in this issue of Soundings, the success of Endicott’s future has just been ensured by two benefactors: a record-setting individual gift by our Board of Trustees Chair, and a powerful partnership with a well-known foundation that has a history of supporting Endicott’s academic ventures. These incredible examples of financial support mean the College will continue to offer and grow resources available to our students, from athletics and co-curricular activities to academics and student life—all of which ensures Endicott maintains a positive reputation for excellence, drawing new students and faculty from local, national, and international locations.

As a member of our community, you’re an important part of this bold future. I encourage you to get involved by attending an event, coaching a student, hosting an intern, giving financial support, or one of the multitudes of other ways available. We would love to see you on campus and to continue to be a place you can be proud of as an alumnus, parent, or friend.

Thank you for joining us on our adventure.

Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D.

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A Strategy for a Bold Future

With Sail Beyond the Shore, Endicott unveils a strategic plan with strength and heart.

Launched in May of 2021, Endicott’s new strategic plan combines forward-thinking and data-driven introspection into one inspiring document that will lead the College into a bold future. Titled Sail Beyond the Shore, the strategic plan employs a nautical theme inspired by Endicott’s seaside location to announce a set of initiatives to be achieved within the next five years. The plan will work in concert with the comprehensive capital campaign and campus master planning processes to provide the foundation for the College’s continued growth. 

Four themes emerged that represent what makes Endicott an institution of distinction: Power of Place, Innovative Culture, Transformational Learning, and Strength of Story.

As President Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D., said during the plan’s launch, “The strength of this bold Endicott story encompasses your narratives—success on the public stage while teaching and researching, learning as students, and working as graduates—that will create a clear and powerful brand, leading to greater affinity among donors and prospects and bringing us to a place Endicott has never been before.”

To get a glimpse of Endicott’s future in the full strategic plan, visit