The New Classroom

With social distancing restrictions around campus, faculty have leaned on technology and outdoor spaces to keep classes moving forward.

New Classroom Hero 1 Photo by David Le
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Prior to students eagerly returning to campus this fall, Endicott College closely examined every building, classroom, and study space to ensure that the ­technological needs of both students and faculty would be met this academic year, despite challenges brought on by COVID-19.


Due to social distancing and other safety protocols put into place at the College, the number of desks within each classroom was drastically reduced, requiring the need for more hybrid learning capabilities. Audio Visual Services took on the task over the summer and equipped 116 spaces for digital course delivery—a significant increase from the one classroom with capabilities last semester. 


Another tech tool the College has been leaning on is the video conferencing platform Zoom. The number of Zoom accounts grew from 42 to 1,122 since being rolled out when coronavirus concerns began in February. As large in-person meetings are still not advised due to safety reasons, Zoom has allowed faculty, staff, and students to remain connected to one another.


In addition to the technological advances made across campus, deans and faculty have gotten creative with their teaching spaces. During the warm fall weather, professors took full advantage and found new ways to teach, including in the amphitheater, athletic fields, and even the beaches.