In & Out of the Classroom Students Tackle Real-World Problems

This past spring, COVID-19 threw us for a loop as students, faculty, staff, and everyone around the globe had their lives disrupted. One of the many issues that came to light during this pandemic is food insecurity—throughout the globe, but more specifically locally on the North Shore.

Made for Remote Learning: The Endicott College Tutoring & Writing Center

Though some people may not know it yet, the Endicott College Tutoring Center and the Writing Center have merged to form the Tutoring & Writing Center. This is an exciting change that will allow our students to tutor in both locations and will create more opportunities for collaboration between course content and writing as well as tutors and writing tutors. The fall will look a bit different for our Center, but it will be just as collaborative, and we are looking forward to continued innovation within.

Your Endicott College Summer Reading List

Faculty members at Endicott College have written numerous books on a variety of subjects. Here is a curated list for summer learning.

20 Helpful Career Resources for the Class of 2020

Whether you are seeking a full-time role at an established company or gig and freelance work, the resources we've compiled are sure to help!

Eight Tips for One-Way Video Interviews

These eight helpful tips will help you navigate one-way interviews, which are becoming increasingly popular among companies.

Surprising Ways Students are Using Technology in 2020

Technology has moved forward in ways that we never could have expected, including these surprising and innovative ways Endicott College students are using it.

Reinventing Connection

While everyone in the world is scrambling to understand what the “new normal” will look like, Endicott is doing what we’ve always excelled at—pioneering. Our community is reinventing connection.