Made for Remote Learning: The Endicott College Tutoring & Writing Center

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Though some people may not know it yet, the Endicott College Tutoring Center and the Writing Center have merged to form the Tutoring & Writing Center. This is an exciting change that will allow our students to tutor in both locations and will create more opportunities for collaboration between course content and writing as well as tutors and writing tutors. The fall will look a bit different for our Center, but it will be just as collaborative, and we are looking forward to continued innovation within.


Why Remote


If you have ever utilized a writing or tutoring center you know that learning often includes connecting in a very close way. By that, we mean a lot of red-lining of papers and collaboration in close proximity. Knowing this, our experienced staff and faculty decided to focus their efforts on making remote tutoring better than last semester instead of trying to find a way to keep the old way in place. The old way would have meant limiting the number of people in the space and staggering schedules for the tutors. That will work for classes, but for tutoring it would mean that students would sometimes be unable to get help when they did it due to limited availability. Our College wants to help anyone who needs assistance, so remote learning has given us that opportunity.


Dean of Academic Success Allison Muise, Ph.D. says, “Even with the common cold and flu, close proximity can leave student workers and students in general in need of a day off. Remote offerings solve that. While we look forward to the day when it will be safe for us to be on campus again, this is a good workaround that will preserve the health of the community.”


Who Should Use the Tutoring & Writing Center?


In short, everyone. Everyone can also use a second eye on a paper or someone to bounce ideas off of!


If you are a new or returning student on campus, put some extra tools in your proverbial pocket. Everyone can improve their work.


Assistant Dean of Academic Success and Director Brittany Potter says, “The Tutoring & Writing Center is an inclusive and energetic space that allows students to talk through content or writing assignments at any stage of the process. This service is unique in that our tutors aim to build relationships with their students in order to make them feel at ease when asking for help. I highly encourage every student to use this service to meet someone new, build confidence in their critical thinking skills, and to challenge themselves to improve their study strategies or writing skills. We hope that every student who uses the Center feels welcome and ultimately, gains more confidence that can be delivered in the classroom.”


Some services provided by the Tutoring & Writing Center are:

· 1:1 tutoring

· Small group tutoring

· Exam prep

· Brainstorming

· Drafting

· Presenting


By staying remote with our academic support services in the fall, we truly believe that we are providing the most effective product for our students. We hope you will come find out why.
The Endicott College Tutoring & Writing Center