20 Helpful Career Resources for the Class of 2020

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Whether you are seeking a full-time role at an established company or gig and freelance work, the resources below are sure to help! Some of them will prepare you for interviews, others will give you access to exclusive opportunities offered to current and alumni Gulls, and still more will set you up with people who can help mentor you within your chosen field.

Endicott Resources


The Handshake platform is used by individual colleges to showcase exclusive opportunities, often not posted elsewhere. It is both an internship and job board to be used by both current students and alumni. In addition to postings, it also offers job search resources, other job search resources, and virtual events/videos. You can sign up here.

Individual Coaching

Just because you completed your degree doesn’t mean that individual coaching sessions are a thing of the past! The Internship & Career Center staff is available for individual career appointments to meet the unique job development for alumni as well. Coaching sessions can be made via Handshake and then conducted through email, phone, or Zoom.


Alumni can take self-assessments to help identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential career compatibility. If you are interested in an assessment, please contact Kate Chroust, director of career services, at chroust@endicott.edu.


CareerShift bills itself as a pro-active career management site that can be used for job, contact, and employer searches. Endicott students and alumni get to use it for free! For access to CareerShift, please email careers@endicott.edu.


Are you nervous about a big interview? Would you like some practice? No problem! All alumni have access to InterviewStream, a web-based tool to practice interviewing skills. We encourage you to use it to prep!


For alumni specifically looking for opportunities in the medical field, membership to an up-to-date industry job board, LiquidCompass is available.

Continuing Your Education at Endicott

In light of the current climate, many undergraduates are choosing to obtain their master’s degree. The Van Loan School at Endicott offers a variety of educational programs and services designed to provide adult learners with advanced degree options that fit their lifestyles and their career goals. Flexible timing and formats allow you to attend full-time or part-time, on site or online. Learn more about the programs here.

Social Media Resources


While you may use other platforms beyond it to search for career opportunities, Glassdoor is a great platform to learn about the culture of your next potential company.

LinkedIn Profiles

In this time of change and rest, use your downtime to beef up your LinkedIn profile for searchability. Make sure you have your skills section updated, a relevant headline in place, and start pulling together references. If you make your profile shine now, it will be ready to help you land the perfect job when it becomes available.

LinkedIn Groups

There are many different groups available on the LinkedIn platform focused on everything from marketing trends to continued education. Take the time to search out a few that are relevant to you and start participating. You never know—that participation could lead to a connection request or simple name recognition! At Endicott, we even have a specific group just for networking. You can join it here.

Professional Development

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers both free and paid courses to users. They run the gamut on topics—some even focus on getting hired during challenging times.

Indeed Assessments

If you have been searching for a job opportunity, chances are you’ve been on Indeed, but have you taken an Assessment? If you want to prove to an employer that you have critical thinking, graphic design, or elementary classroom management expertise, you can do that with one of their Indeed Assessment Modules. After you’ve completed it, load it onto your profile and show off a bit! You deserve it.


Udemy is just one of many online learning platforms that can work around your schedule, and is very affordable. Choose from 100,000 courses and get learning!


Skillshare is an excellent online learning platform specifically designed with creatives in mind. Take classes for fun, relaxation, and to advance your skillsets and therefore your career.

Hubspot Certifications

Many marketing and sales companies look favorably on candidates who come prepared to interviews with one of Hubspot’s certifications such as Inbound, Social Media, or Email Marketing. These certifications are free to take and only require a minimal time investment to complete.


Many jobs are available for people who know how to code! If you are interested in a career in data science, programming and computer science, or web development, think about adding coding to your list of skills on this platform where the basic membership level is free.

Google Certifications

Similar to Hubspot certifications, getting ready for a job in sales and marketing is much easier if you start by getting certified with Google. There are certifications available that will allow you to prove your knowledge of Google Adwords, Google Analytics and more here in their Skillshop.


Are you looking for a flexible way to find freelance opportunities? Consider making a profile on Upwork. This site allows you to set your own rates and apply for and bid on relevant freelance work that can be very short-term or ongoing depending on the client.

General Assembly Courses

General Assembly courses are highly regarded, and right now through the end of June, some of them are free on Fridays! Review the list and find something to add to your personal toolkit at no cost to you!

Congratulations Class of 2020! No matter what you choose to do, we know you are going to make us proud. Remember—nothing replaces a real-world connection, so please reach out to your Endicott network along the way for advice, volunteer opportunities, or just support.

Web Resources for the Class of 2020