Students Lead the Way in Academic Success at Endicott

The Division of Academic Success has two student leadership groups—the Tutoring & Writing Center’s Peer Executive Board and the Center for Academic Coaching’s FMC— giving students the opportunity to become leaders in the community.

Virtual Parent Cafés

Endicott College's Van Loan School of Professional Studies hosts monthly virtual parent cafes for its students, allowing the members of our student community who are also parents to learn and socialize together while also learning about the resources provided by the College and its partners.

Sustainability Abroad: Madrid Edition

Erin Brophy ’22 gains a different perspective on sustainability while studying abroad in Madrid.

National Partnerships Provide Mission-Driven Value for Academic Success

Endicott’s Division of Academic Success knows that lifelong learning and collaborative partnerships offer myriad benefits to staff and students. Relationships with industry organizations provide opportunity and engagement in the now—and future.