Academic Success


The Essential Role of Evaluation & Assessment at Endicott College

Valuable evaluation and assessment techniques are used at Endicott College to ensure the continued improvement of the student experience and the efficacy of the College’s curriculum and delivery methods.

Students Lead the Way in Academic Success at Endicott

The Division of Academic Success has two student leadership groups—the Tutoring & Writing Center’s Peer Executive Board and the Center for Academic Coaching’s FMC— giving students the opportunity to become leaders in the community.

National Partnerships Provide Mission-Driven Value for Academic Success

Endicott’s Division of Academic Success knows that lifelong learning and collaborative partnerships offer myriad benefits to staff and students. Relationships with industry organizations provide opportunity and engagement in the now—and future.

Longstanding Academic Coaches Reflect on 15 Years of Student Service

When the Center for Academic Coaching partners with students, goals are generated, plans are executed, and growth is achieved. None of this is possible without the coaches. Four of them have been helping students attain success for 15 years or more.