Meet the Executive Board of Endicott College’s Alumni Council

E-board officers from a variety of class years, backgrounds, and degree programs represent a broad alumni base.

Executive Board of Endicott College’s Alumni Council Photo by Terry Slater
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The Alumni Council serves in an advisory capacity to Endicott College and is made up of alumni who are proud representatives of the College, and who play an essential role the shaping of its future. The members of the Council’s executive board (e-board) serve as leadership and work closely with the Office of Institutional Advancement to drive an array of initiatives. For instance, the e-board determines recipients of the annual Alumni Council Scholarship, and develops ideas for alumni events. Members also encourage other alumni—outside of Council—to donate philanthropically to the College.

“Under the direction of the e-board, the Alumni Council helps to enhance the mission of the College and motivate fellow alumni to engage with the College,” says Tory Pilbin, Director of Alumni Relations. “Members influence institutional direction and policy by providing insight and important perspective on key issues. The members of this Council represent our body of alumni at large, as well as a wide variety of class years, backgrounds, and degrees.”

This year the Council welcomes a new e-board president, Susan Dimartino Dowling ’72, who is dedicated to her role in promoting Endicott and celebrating “all it has to offer its students.” Dowling is a passionate volunteer, outdoor enthusiast, and foster parent who, alongside her family members, provides a home for children in need. As the president, she will preside at all Council and e-board meetings and will appoint Council members as committee chairs. During her term, she will also sit on the Board of Trustees.

Also new to the position this year, the e-board’s vice president, Jeff Scola ’10, is grateful for the opportunity to gain further insight into how the College operates. He says: “I have enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other alumni and College leadership around how to further build our alumni community.” When he and his wife aren’t spending their free time on the beach or in the mountains, he’s golfing, playing tennis, or reading. As the vice president, he will serve as a leader in the absence of the president. Scola will work closely with Dowling to actively communicate news and updates to the greater Council.

Returning to the role of secretary, Ann Bollenback Jamison ’82 enjoys being involved and supporting Endicott as an alum and the proud parent of a 2019 Gull graduate. “Staying connected with the College’s continued growth and success continues to be a wonderful experience,” she says. Jamison is an avid boater and loves renovating old homes, “reinventing them for today’s lifestyle—inside and out.” As the secretary, she will keep accurate attendance and records of Council and e-board meetings. She will also communicate those notes and any supplemental materials to Council members throughout the year.

Continuing on in his role as treasurer, Ted Stanton M’07, a Beverly resident, wants to give back to the College. “I want to see the school continue to progress in the right direction—educating the leaders of tomorrow,” he says. “I could see my children attending Endicott in the future.” Stanton and his wife actually attended preschool at Endicott in 1984, and met one another at the age of four. In a sense, as a preschool graduate, he is arguably a Double Gull. As treasurer, Stanton will attend to all business matters related to the Council. He will keep accurate records of balances for the Alumni Council Scholarship Fund and the Sunshine Fund. He will also help track and ensure that all Council members contribute to the College.

Upholding her role of historian, Fran Aceto ’92 is passionate about being on the e-board. “It has been a phenomenal opportunity to meet many wonderful people through the years and to keep the alumni involved with the College,” she says. Aceto is an animal lover and coaches middle school field hockey. As the historian, Aceto will act as the liaison between the current Alumni Council and former Alumni Council members.

The College is grateful to the members of the e-board, and the Council as a whole, for dedicating their time towards creating a brighter future for Endicott and its alumni community. To learn more about Alumni Council, please contact Tory Pilbin at

Ann Bollenback Jamison ’82
Jeff Scola ’10
Susan Dimartino Dowling ’72
Ted Stanton M’07
Fran Aceto ’92