Faculty Who Are Experts in the Classroom—and the Publishing World

Take a look at faculty-published works from this past year.

Examples of books Endicott professors have authored
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At Endicott College, our faculty are actively engaged in their respective fields. That means our students are not only instructed by professors who teach, but also by scholars and professionals across disciplines who actively publish their expertise.

Here is a list of published works from over the last year and the faculty who authored them.

Dr. Danielle Leone-Sheehan, Assistant Professor of Nursing, recently authored the following book chapter currently in press, “Jean Watson: Watson’s philosophy and theory of transpersonal caring,” in the 10th edition of Nursing Theorists and Their Work published by Elsevier Mosby.

A new book by Luke Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Education, Even More Fantastic Failures: True Stories of People Who Changed the World by Falling Down First, set to be released in September 2020, follows well-known people who failed before succeeding. Reynolds has also released two new stories in The Gumazing Gum Girl! Series. Cover Blown, book four, and Stick Together!, book five, follow the exciting adventures of a Gum Girl superhero.

Amy Damico, Professor, School of Communication published Media, Journalism, and "Fake News": A Reference Handbook summarizing the evolution of news and information in the United States as it has been shaped by technology (penny press, radio, television, cable, the internet) and form development (investigative journalism, tabloid television, talk radio, social media).

Bethany Rice, Ed.D., Director of Assessment, Associate Director of Graduate Education, & Assistant Professor has contributed a chapter currently in press “Opportunities for Inclusive Practice: The Stories Our Students Tell” in Inclusive Education Is a Right, Right?

Richard Oxenberg, Professor, School of Arts & Sciences, has authored a chapter in Theology Without Walls: the Transreligious Imperative which explores how a transreligious turn follows inevitably from the discovery of divine truths in multiple traditions.

Randall Livingstone, Associate Professor, Communication, has authored a chapter in The Political Economy of Media Industries: Global Transformations and Challenges which provides a critical political economic examination of the impact of increasingly concentrated global media industries.

Enid Larsen, Assistant Dean, Prior Learning Assessment, contributed to Identity and Lifelong Learning in Higher Education (I Am What I Become: Constructing Identities as Lifelong Learners).  

Alena Dillon, Professor, has published her debut novel, Mercy House: A Novel, which follows the story of Sister Evelyn, a feisty feminist nun who runs a shelter for abused women in Brooklyn.

Deirdre Sartorelli, Assistant Dean, Colin & Erika Angle Center for Entrepreneurship, co-authored Launching a Placed-Based Neighborhood Entrepreneurship Center for the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA). The e-book is an action-based playbook for building successful entrepreneur-serving hubs in emerging urban communities.

Dr. Linda Robson, Associate Professor, Hospitality Management,
released an e-book titled Robson Risk Management Model detailing a five-step process for approaching risk management for meetings and events.

Dr. Mary Jane Weiss, Executive Director of Graduate Programs in ABA and Autism has published and contributed to a number of works, along with Endicott doctoral faculty and students including multiple chapters in The SLP Guide to ABA: Principles to Support Interprofessional Collaboration on Autism Support Teams and in Understanding Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis: Practical Applications.

Jennifer Hilton, Director of Applied Behavior Analysis, and Weiss, co-authored a chapter tilted “Fluency” in The SLP Guide to ABA: Principles to Support Inter-Professional Collaboration on Autism Support Teams.