Getting Ahead by Going Back to Class

Michael Romani Hero image Photo by Terry Slater
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An MBTA employee for 10 years, Michael Romani ’22 was ready for career advancement, but, a bachelor’s degree is required. With his family and future in mind, he enrolled full-time, studying business management with a concentration in homeland security at the Van Loan School of Professional Studies. 


“Endicott’s program is tailor-made for working adults. The class schedule fit with my schedule and they offered both online or in-person classes. The ability to choose was great.” —Michael Romani ’22


How did you choose your major?

A degree in business management opens a lot of doors at the MBTA. The T is the fifth largest transportation organization in the country. Security is a major player in everything we do. The homeland security choice came from my interest in foreign policy coupled with the tremendous effort the MBTA puts into security. It was a win-win.


What has surprised you?

The people. From faculty to the other students, everyone has been really great! I was nervous at first being the “old guy” on campus, but that is not the case. There is a great mix of students and experiences.


What have you enjoyed most?

The creative writing class. It challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. From poems to plays to short stories, it pushed me to do things I normally would have never done.


How do you balance work, school, and life?

Balancing it all has been hard at times. Once my family got used to the fact that I needed to do school work, they adjusted well. Now, my kids ask if I have school and we talk about it as a family. There have been some late nights, but all things considered it was a great choice.