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We know that as Endicott College students, you value any opportunity to develop your knowledge base, become more career-ready, and define your future goals. Obtaining your master’s degree through one of our Fifth Year Programs will help you to gain a competitive edge—but don’t simply take our word for it—hear what your fellow students have to say.

Gain a competitive edge

“The reason I decided to pursue my master’s degree through the Fifth Year program, was to set myself apart when job searching, but also to gain more knowledge within my field.”

~ V. Jonsson 19 M’20

“I think this experience has helped me tremendously for my future. With many of the faculty having tons of experience in a variety of different professional areas, it gave us a good idea of what to expect in each field.”

~ J. Kalinowski 19 M’20

Define your career interests & find your passion

“The experience has prepared me for my future career in many ways. The Fifth Year program was able to help me pinpoint what career direction I should take, based off of the courses that were mapped out for us during the year.”

~ A. Gibson 19 M’20

“One of the biggest things I took from this experience was to make sure to be open to new experiences as they come. Just because you might not be interested in a specific field now, doesn't necessarily mean you won’t be interested in it in the future. At the end of the day, you have to do something you are passionate about. “

~ J. Kalinowski 19 M’20

Learn from expert faculty who are leaders in their field

“The experience and up to date knowledge that the faculty possess, creates a learning environment that feels more like a conference meeting in a place of business, versus a class in a college. The collaboration between us as students, paired with the knowledge and insight that our professors provide, allowed me to grow significantly—not only and a future professional—but as a person as well.”

~ D. Seeber 19 M’20

“The educators are experienced in their industries and are great mentors more than anything else. They provide honest feedback and give insight based on what they see on a daily basis in their professional lives. It’s a huge asset as a student to be able to communicate with current and former VPs of massive companies and organizations, who have a wealth of experience, in fields that interest all of us.”

~ J. Watson 19 M’21

Engage in innovative courses

“During our class hours we would spend time completing real-life simulations, discussing current events, debating with classmates on different topics related to the class we were in, along with going through different scenarios, learning how to gauge them, and react as future leaders.”

~ D. Seeber 19 M’20

“Professors divide the class up nicely with a mix of lectures and discussions. The majority of the class is discussion and working on case studies. Another great thing about the program was that most of the professors are currently in the field or had been in the field they were teaching and brought real-life scenarios to the class. For example, in my project management class, we got to develop our own project plans as a real project manager.”

~ V. Jonsson 19 M’20

Benefit from a supportive & dedicated staff 

“Just hearing a different perspective on how to attack a problem, gave me the tools I needed to be successful. At the end of the day, it is up to you to go and seek the extra help if you need it. However, to know all doors are open anytime you need them was extremely comforting when difficult times did approach.”

~ Kalinowski 19 M’20

“All my professors wanted to see me succeed in the program and they were open to hear what we were interested in learning. Even if the syllabus was already created, the faculty was open to add and cover topics that fit the interests of the class.”

~ V. Jonsson 19 M’20

Play college level sports for an additional year

“The opportunity to play hockey while also receiving my MBA in one year was exactly what I was looking for. It allowed me to continue my education at Endicott, while also being able to play the game I love.”

~ J. Kalinowski 19 M’20

“By enrolling in the Fifth Year Master’s program, I was able to play one more year of college level football, while pursuing a great opportunity to further my knowledge in my field of interest.”

~ A. Gibson 19 M’20

Having three internships under your belt, you will be able to integrate your master’s level coursework with your own professional experience—effectively enhancing your expertise—which you can leverage when pursuing your future career. The accelerated nature of the program provides students with cost benefits, as you will save money in the short term and increase your earning potential in the long term. Additionally, some programs are eligible for a discount to Endicott graduates. This program is open to non-Endicott graduates as well! Most importantly, our graduates feel empowered and ready to take on their future careers—secure in their own academic and professional experience, and the knowledge that as Endicott alumni—we are always here for you! 

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