Soaring Even Higher

Spread Your Wings, Endicott’s first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign, is poised to fuel the College’s future.

Spread Your Wings: The Campaign for Endicott College
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Endicott College is changing. Expanding. Evolving. We’re more ready than ever to take major bold leaps forward. With Spread Your Wings—the College’s first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign—together we will set the stage for colossal achievements and fuel the College’s future.

What is a Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign?

In 2020, the pandemic wasn’t the only thing to happen to the world and Endicott College. Quietly and in the shadows, another monumental event was brewing—a $75 million campaign to transform Endicott. But what exactly is a comprehensive fundraising campaign?

When Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D., took the helm as Endicott’s seventh president in the summer of 2019, he immediately set out to define a strategic vision for stewarding the College into the future. Incorporated into that plan was a shared long-term vision to strengthen the College and bolster student success. The Spread Your Wings campaign is centered around three key pillars: Strength of Story, Power of Place, and Transformational Learning.

Innovative technologies. State-of-the-art buildings that facilitate collaboration and creation on an epic scale. Scholarships that pave the way for phenomenal students to shape our world. Increased internship and study abroad opportunities, plus expanded Living Learning Communities and an enhanced honors program. It’s time to lift the College to new heights.

“It’s time to solidify Endicott’s role as the global leader in experience-powered, transformational learning. Our students are the backbone of who we are—and this campaign is for the student trailblazers who leave our shores work-ready, global-minded, and committed to making our world better every day.”
—Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D., President, Endicott College

Strength of Story

Inspiring communities

Criminal justice major KyRon Parker ’25 is the recipient of an Inspire Scholarship for first-generation college students. Parker’s mission to pay it forward extends beyond the Beverly campus and, after interning with the Revere Police Department, his career goals crystallized.

“I want to be a community cop,” he said. “I want to start back with the community, walk around and inspire kids—little kids especially because they could be our future cops, our future lawyers, our future.”

KyRon Parker ’25

“I want to be an inspiration to others. Just giving back, that’s the big thing for me. Give back.”
—KyRon Parker ’25, Criminal Justice Major

A passion and a priority to help others

As an Inspire Scholarship recipient, psychology major Cheryl Mei ’25 has started preparing for a profession in which she can make her patients feel comfortable, seen, and safe.

Right now, she’s focused on clinical psychology and becoming a therapist. “I’m interested in that because I’m that person who just wants to give you help,” said Mei.

Cheryl Mei ’25

“Somebody putting in the effort to help me go to college...makes me more driven to want the career, makes me more driven to work for it.”
—Cheryl Mei ’25, Psychology major

An amazing future by design

From a young age, Jalessi Aviles ’25 had a dream job in mind: interior designer. Growing up, Aviles’ mother let her design whatever she wanted in the house. “I would go corner by corner,” the interior architecture major recalled. “We’d go to HomeGoods every weekend—it was our thing.”

So, it’s no surprise that Aviles was drawn to Endicott’s internship program—she’s already hit the ground running at a Waltham wedding venue and working for Jane Riley Design in Lexington.

Jalessi Aviles ’25

“The Inspire Scholarship helped me a lot. It’s an amazing scholarship and gives kids a chance to go to college.”
—Jalessi Aviles ’25, Interior architecture major

Scholarships to Help Students Soar

Scholarships are critical to attracting gifted students of all backgrounds to Endicott’s shores—and ensuring their continued success long after they graduate. That’s why, in 2020, the Inspire Scholarship was founded to provide first-generation college students and students of color an unhindered pathway to Endicott’s experiential opportunities and liberal arts curriculum.

Still, more needs to be done to guarantee that finances are not a roadblock for future Gulls. Through this campaign, we will invest in greater resources to help students while prioritizing tutoring and career counseling to support Gulls every step of their journey.

Smooth Sailing into the Future

Endicott not only weathered the COVID-19 pandemic but emerged stronger as a community and in a better financial position than before—an achievement few institutions can claim. But to continue on this solid ground, we must grow our endowment to navigate with the utmost flexibility when the next unexpected challenge emerges.

Power of Place

An investment in American healthcare

Thanks to a pioneering $20 million partnership with Cummings Foundation in 2021, Endicott broke ground on the new Cummings School of Nursing & Health Sciences, sparking an expansion of the College’s nursing programs at a critical time when the Commonwealth and country alike are experiencing a dire shortage of nurses.

Soaring Even Higher

Anticipated to open in 2023, the Cummings School of Nursing & Health Sciences will be a state-of-the-art facility outfitted with the latest technologies for both nursing and students enrolled in Endicott’s sports science program. The new building will also be a key component in increasing the throughput capacity for training nurses to address the nursing shortage.

Building community, brick by brick

In September 2021, Endicott unveiled Hempstead Commons, the latest academic building that represents the largest commitment from an individual donor in the College’s history—$6 million from Chair of the Board of Trustees, Melissa Hempstead ’69.

Today, Hempstead Commons provides academic, collaborative, and social space at the heart of campus. Together with the new Cummings School of Nursing & Health Sciences, Hempstead Commons completes Endicott’s vision for a central, academic quad that unites students, staff, and faculty.

Endicott’s Evolution

Improving an already incredible campus by the sea? It’s happening. With new academic hubs already underway and strategic renovations to expand key buildings, the College is poised to be an even more dynamic force for our community and in our greater community:

  • The Cummings School of Nursing & Health Sciences
  • Construction of a new residence hall that houses more than 175 students, features grab-and-go dining options, and plenty of common space.
  • Expansion of the Diane M. Halle Library into an architectural focal point on campus complete with technology-infused research and collaboration spaces and a cafe.
  • An official Campus Welcome Center that invites community members, serves as the first handshake for prospective students and families, and welcomes alumni in style.
  • Recreational and athletic facilities that meet the needs and match the dedication of our student-athletes, including home bases for each sport; updated locker rooms; and more.

Transformational Learning

  • Enhancing the Endicott Scholars Program to provide passionate learners with honors-level academic resources, scholarships, and experiences.
  • Expand study abroad opportunities and create global-minded learners at our sister campus, CIS Madrid, and other prestigious, partner institutions; and boost enrollment in affiliate programs at colleges around the globe.
  • Increase internship opportunities that offer students hands-on experience in communities near and far, additional need-based and logistical resources, and greater funding for staff to support students seeking their ideal internships.
  • Growing Endicott’s unique Living Learning Communities, which immerse students in shared interests in shared accommodations to foster community and collaboration.

Personal growth, one passport stamp at a time

For nursing student Angela Battiata ’23, a study abroad experience in Madrid, Spain, was “the best four months of my entire life,” she said. “I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel and immerse myself in different cultures.”

Endicott’s nursing curriculum is uniquely tailored to accommodate study abroad opportunities and Battiata was one of a record-breaking number of students who traveled abroad last year. “I know that when I’m older,” she added, “I’ll reminisce about my fond memories of being young, carefree, and bold!”

Soaring Even Higher

“I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel and immerse myself in different cultures.”
– Angela Battiata ’23, Nursing major

A day like no other on the job

Robbie Genaway ’23 gained real-world experience when two paddle boarders were swept out to sea during his summer internship with the Gloucester Harbormaster. After racing out to sea, Genaway spotted and successfully rescued the pair.

After graduation, Genaway plans to head into law enforcement or join the military. But his internship imparted some life lessons that he’ll take with him wherever he goes: “Always be ready. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Robbie Genaway ’23

“At Endicott, they want you to have internships with real-world experience and this was real.”
—Robbie Genaway ’23, Criminal justice major

A note from Campaign Committee Co-Chairs

Sheila Walsh ’78 and Michael Sheehan

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching Gulls soar. As current Trustees, we are tasked with making strategic decisions that shape Endicott’s future. Nothing compares to this moment where we all—alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, community leaders, and friends—have an opportunity to come together and light the flight path for future Gulls.

Soaring Even Higher

It’s an ambitious effort, for sure. But there’s no better investment than fortifying Endicott as a leading institution for experience-powered learning and one that can meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Through this group effort, we will positively shape the Commonwealth, country, and our world for decades to come.

Fly with us on our bold adventure

Gifts of any size, to any designation, will count towards the Spread Your Wings campaign fundraising goals. Over the next five years, we invite alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, friends, partners, and community members to become part of this movement to make our bold vision for Endicott a reality.

Learn more about the campaign and stay tuned for more campaign events and celebrations throughout the year: