Commitment to Affordability & Assistance

Giving students crucial assistance through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), transfer credits, and scholarship opportunities.

Endicott College Boston students Photo by Terry Slater
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Investing in a college education is a life-changing decision, one that opens the doors to new opportunities as you pursue your career dreams. But affording such a decision can seem like a daunting task. 

At the Van Loan School at Endicott College, we are committed to helping nontraditional undergraduate students in whatever way we can through a generous transfer policy, comparable and affordable tuition, PLA, scholarships, financial aid assistance and education, and a commitment to career search support and networking support for life. Van Loan offers classes in Beverly, Mass., Boston, and online.

PLA & Transfer Credits

Endicott's Enid Larsen and a Van Loan studentVan Loan has expanded its PLA offerings to
include the graduate level. 

Van Loan has been on the forefront of PLA for more than two decades—offering undergraduate course credits for work and life learning. Now, Van Loan is the first on Boston’s North Shore to offer graduate-level PLA. At its base, PLA offers efficiency, time savings, and tuition reduction as students work toward their degree—but deeper, more personal benefits include confidence-building and seeing that work and life experiences matter. PLA can be an ideal avenue for two-year grads seeking to finish a bachelor's degree.

Our three-credit, learner-centric PLA courses offer a personal tour of reflection, retrieval, and writing processes. Students create a digital portfolio that documents their professional and personal expertise. Students enrolled in an associate program may earn up to 15 credits via PLA, while those in a bachelor’s program may earn up to 30—equal to a year in academics. At the graduate level, a maximum of six credits are available for PLA, applicable toward a master’s or doctoral degree.

“Our programs are very affordable for the working adult and students who are seeking a non-residential undergraduate program.”
—Marcelo Juica, director of Endicott Boston

“In addition to meaningful affirmation of work and life experience,” says Enid Larsen, assistant dean of academic programs for Van Loan, “through PLA, students are able to accelerate degree completion time and save significant tuition costs.”

Van Loan also has a generous transfer credit policy, allowing for a maximum of 85 credits from other institutions to be applied to its bachelor's degree programs.

Endicott Boston—Affordable, Convenient Programs in the Heart of Downtown

Endicott College Boston's Marcelo Juica and studentsEndicott College Boston is committed to offering 
affordable and convenient educational opportunities.

Since its inception, Endicott College Boston has been committed to offering affordable and convenient educational opportunities for students—many of whom are first-generation students—in an urban environment. Its offerings include multiple associate and bachelor’s degree programs, as well as a part-time evening Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Undergraduate students who take 10 classes in one year (equivalent of full time) pay around $11,500. “Our programs are very affordable for the working adult and students who are seeking a non-residential undergraduate program,” says Marcelo Juica, director of Endicott Boston. In fact, for several programs, Van Loan tuition is comparable to state schools, especially when fees are included.

On top of affordable tuition, the Boston financial aid office provides students with assistance when filling out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), plus it holds multiple workshops throughout the year. The Boston Scholarship, Single Parents Scholarship, and other private grants are available to Endicott Boston students through the College. Chromebook laptops are also available through a special grant program. “Former Endicott President Dr. Richard E. Wylie made a commitment to include technology support for the students in Boston through this unique program,” says Juica.

Like the entire Endicott community, Van Loan is also committed to helping students with career and job search support, as well as networking connections for life.