10 Dorm Room Must-Haves

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Gulls, it’s almost move-in day! It’s time to dust off the twin XL sheets and notebooks and get packing. As our arrival day draws nearer, it’s important to gather all of the necessary items before heading to campus. Check out this list of all of the recommended items to bring (and not to bring) with you. Alongside those suggestions, we thought of some other campus essentials to bring with you to the Nest in the fall!

Here are 10 Items to Bring to Endicott:

Beach towel

Endicott is home to three beautiful beaches that are open to students all year round. Many students find that the beach is the perfect place to study, read a book, hang with friends, or relax. Because you’ll most likely only have a bath towel or two, we suggest a beach towel for all your oceanside adventures.

Pharmacy kit

When you make the transition from living at home to living in a dorm, you forget how many medical/medicine items you’re used to having in a bathroom cabinet. Take inventory of the products you use when you're sick, and collect them to build your own pharmacy box. Consider everything from cough drops to a thermometer, electrolyte replacement, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, band-aids, Benadryl, rubbing alcohol, Neosporin, Emergen-C, and more. You’ll thank yourself later when you need it!

Disinfectant wipes

Although our Endicott cleaning staff does a fantastic job of making sure each space is move-in ready, it’s never a bad idea to bring along some extra disinfectant wipes before setting up in your new home. Having a container of disinfectant wipes is the perfect way to make sure your new space is germ free and ready for the new year.

Rain & cold weather gear

Campus events often happen rain or shine, and it’s important to be prepared for all the elements. Be sure to bring a sturdy umbrella, rain boots, and/or a rain jacket to the Nest. Layering up is the best way to prepare for the New England weather.

Mini steamer

Even though the move to college might mean that you’ll be doing your own laundry for the first time, you don’t need to let your clothes reflect that. A small iron and ironing board or steamer is essential to making sure you look your best throughout the semester.

Hook for keys/ID holder

In talking with our Gulls, one of the best things to bring to campus is an ID holder, lanyard, and command hook. This is the best way to make sure your Endicott ID is never out of reach. Student IDs are used to get into your dorm, swipe into the dining hall, pay for a la carte food around campus, and more, so it’s crucial to have a designated spot for it inside your dorm room

Water bottle

Definitely don’t forget to bring a water bottle to campus with you. Endicott has many water bottle refill stations in academic buildings, dorms, and student spaces. From walking around campus, to working out to dance rehearsals—a water bottle will definitely come in handy.

Reusable bags

Beverly, along with many other surrounding towns, has a plastic bag ban in place at grocery stores and retail locations. We would recommend bringing a few reusable bags with you for all your shopping needs.

Throw blanket

A throw blanket is a great addition to your dorm room bedding. Not only is it perfect for chilly fall nights, but for movie nights in the common room, study sessions outside, or hanging in a friend’s dorm. Having an extra blanket around is never a bad idea.

Kitchen essentials

A few Tupperware containers, some cutlery, and dishes are important dorm staples. Although Callahan Dining Hall serves up delicious dishes at every meal, it’s always good to have some kitchenware items for the occasional takeout meals and restaurant leftovers.

Are you adding any of these items to your list of dorm essentials? We’d love to hear which ones! Tag @endicottcollege on Instagram to show us what your dorm must-haves are!



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