Endicott College Boston's Single Parent Program

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For many single parents, the idea of going to college seems impossible, but Endicott College Boston makes it possible. Our Single Parent Program provides students with the guidance, support, and resources needed to be successful.

If you’re a single parent, we want you to know that you have options—you can reach your academic goals—and we’re here to help!

Parent Scholarship: Current students who are single parents—of children 13 years or younger—are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. To be considered, you will need to have completed your financial aid application (such as the Financial Aid Application Form and the FAFSA) and demonstrate financial need. Scholarships will be awarded for the summer, fall, and spring semesters. If awarded, the scholarship will be applied towards two consecutive semesters. Students can reapply year after year, but need to have at least two semesters remaining. For more information, contact bostonfinaid@endicott.edu.

Access to Parental Support: We have access to a wide network of Early Childhood Education organizations to find affordable child-care while you go to school, such as ABCD HeadStart, The Dimock Center, Nurtury, and many more. We partner with Sitters Without Borders, a Boston-based, non-profit organization that offers free babysitting services to low-income parents pursuing a degree in higher education. We also partner with the Jeremiah Program, which "provides empowerment and life skills training and individual coaching" to mothers and their children. The program “assists moms with finding safe and affordable housing and quality early childhood education, if needed” and offers additional means of support, such as MBTA assistance.

Flexible Scheduling: Depending on your schedule, you can take courses in the mornings, evenings, weekends, or participate in an online course. Courses are taught in a cohort style, which means that you will progress through the program with the same students, allowing you to build connections, benefit from peer support, and enjoy a sense of community—you'll earn alongside one another, and develop support networks. Parents can log-in to courses through our web-based resources, such as Zoom, Google Chat or Skype (professors are trained to assist students virtually when you are unable to come to campus).

College Preparation Course: We understand that this might be your first college experience, and through our Smart Start program, we offer a $25.00 course ENG099- Introduction to College Writing at Endicott College Boston. This course is intended for students who need additional writing support to be better prepared for college-level writing, and also provides the assistance needed to kickstart your college career. Make an appointment to learn more.

Access to Technology: Access to technology is important for you and your family, and students are welcome to apply to our Chromebook Program for a discounted purchase price—learn more about the program's policies. Students can also apply for technology assistance through Comcast Essentials and Boston Tech Goes Home.

Single Parent College Community Events: Once enrolled, you will be assigned an academic advisor who will help you to track your courses and complete your degree. You will also have a chance to participate in college and community activities, just for you!
- Monthly Parents Cafe (College parents meeting to discuss various topics about family and children).
- Early Childhood & Family college courses available for students.
- Family Engagement activities on campus (Annual Homecoming Weekend field trip, holiday celebrations, special field trips for parents and children, and our Annual Family Summer Picnic at our Beverly campus—transportation from Boston is provided).
- Special events focusing on Parents and Children (summer family early childhood literacy home-kits).

For more information about the Single Parent Program, contact Marcelo Juica, Director, Endicott College Boston, at mjuica@endicott.edu or 978-206-1298.

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