Tips for Online Learning

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For some, the concept of online learning is something that you have never had to think about and now, for students of all ages, it has become the norm. Here are some tips to make the most out of online learning! 

Set a Schedule: Not that it has to be followed to a tee, but make a daily schedule. What is your Zoom schedule for classes? From there, what assignments do you have that are due today or in the next couple days? Write them down, make a list! Also, be sure to include things like lunch, an afternoon snack, or even some puppy play time. These breaks will help keep you motivated and add to your checked off items in a fun way! 

Make your Space: Create a space for yourself that lets you spread out. Whether it’s your kitchen table, a desk, or even your counter. Make this place yours! 

Eliminate distractions: As tempting as it is to want to settle in and turn on the TV, don’t do it! Put on a playlist so you have some background music that will help you work, without being distracted. 

Treat the course as a LIVE course: Just like you would if you were on campus! Be sure to get involved in the discussion and ask questions if there is something that it just not clicking! 

Stay connected: Do you have a routine of grabbing a coffee with friends after your English class? Do that! Try to set up a Zoom or facetime call with your friends like you normally would!

Though they come with their own unique challenges, online classes are an excellent way to help you to complete your degree. 

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Endicott College's tips for online learning