Endicott College’s Extended Campus: The City of Beverly

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For those who have come to tour our campus, you know that it offers a lot of amenities. The on-site Diane M. Halle Library, the Callahan Center for dining, socializing, and school work, the Post Sport & Science Center and world-class athletic fields, multiple academic buildings bursting with technology, and of course, three beautiful beaches. With all those things available within steps, it can be hard to believe that our campus does not stop there. As an active member of the community, Endicott College is a part of Beverly, Mass. on a very personal level.


For instance, our students help us package and donate food to River House, our educators, many of whom are writers end up holding events in the local bookstores like Copper Dog Books, and our alumni own businesses in downtown and beyond. The City of Beverly is absolutely an extension of our campus, and here we are going to highlight some of the spots that students, faculty, and staff consider staples of the Endicott experience. 


The Beverly Public Library


Beyond campus, and beyond our own Halle Library, there is another institution of note. This local gem is beautiful inside and out. The old-fashioned architecture includes a buttery yellow and white dome above the front entrance, which is actually the lesser used one, but no less lovely. The side entrance includes a patio space and an array of flowers that the community can enjoy, especially during the summer months. The real magic of the library though is inside!


It includes several galleries with rotating exhibits, it is one of the main locations for people to vote, and of course, the resources are phenomenal. Our local library has a 3D printer, an ever-growing selection of books and other media, and they offer programs for teens, adults, and seniors. Check out all of their current offerings here.


The Beverly Common


Right across the street from the Beverly Public Library is the Beverly Common. This is a lovely spot to read a book, toss around a frisbee, or have a picnic lunch. During the spring, the trees come alive with pink and white petals, adding to the natural green. It’s very peaceful. Hale Farm Beverly, Mass.Hale Farm, a historic site maintained by Historic Beverly.


Hale Farm


Beverly is a historian’s paradise. If you take a walk through the city, many names will become familiar to you as you will see them on street signs or on notable buildings. One such historically named landmark is Hale Farm, a site managed by Historic Beverly.


John Hale was Beverly’s first pastor at the First Parish Church, but for those outside the region you may know him as a figure who was deeply entrenched in the Salem Witch Trials. The historic house is a time capsule worthy of multiple visits.


The Porter Mill Studios


The Porter Mill Studios are fun for everyone. They have a variety of artists that create many different kinds of work including ceramics, jewelry, music, paintings, prints, photographs, and more. The best part is that they hold biennial Open Studio Tours to update the community on what they’ve been working on and in between, they host shows.


The lobby is also home to Channel Marker Brewing, an alumni-owned business!




The Castle


One especially unique small business in Beverly is The Castle, which is located on Rantoul Street. The Castle is a board game café that has hundreds of games, live entertainment, and themed trivia that will test even a long-time fan’s brain power. It’s a fun place for families, but it also has nightlife options for adults, and during the day for the $5 cost of entry and maybe lunch, it’s a relaxing place to spend the full day. The Castle Beverly, Mass.The Castle, a board game café on Rantoul Street.


The Beverly Depot


The Endicott community is lucky to have two MBTA stations in close proximity. The first one is in Beverly Farms and the second is right downtown. At the latter is a restaurant that many are familiar with. It’s a staple of the landscape, but it is well-known beyond our area for their steak. We encourage you to stop by The Beverly Depot for dinner when you are in town and are seeking a great meal.


Outside of the restaurant is the train which allows people to ride the rails right into Boston, Mass. Not many towns outside of the main cities can take you there quite so directly. Take a ride in and spend the day shopping, museum hopping, or just strolling down the streets and you can be back in time to catch dinner.


Dane Street Beach & Lynch Park


We have three private beaches of our own, but believe it or not, there are even more beach options available to Beverly residents and visitors. In particular, Dane Street Beach and Lynch Park are right down the road from Endicott’s main campus. Both offer grassy areas for picnics and kite flying as well as beach access.

Lynch Park also has a historic Rose Garden where weddings are held and photographers shoot regularly and their own Captain Dusty’s ice cream shop (seasonal). The park frequently holds community concerts and they also offer outdoor grills for small group use. It’s the perfect spot for spring and summer fun.


There are so many incredible ways to spend time in Beverly. Our community frequently sips coffee from Atomic Coffee Roasters, which we also have a limited selection of at Gully’s, they order pizza from Pride’s Deli, and they buy “stupidly good consignment” from Worthy Girl. We encourage you to come explore both our immediate and extended campus soon.

Endicott College's Extended Campus, Beverly, Mass.