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Online Learning

Learning- Wherever you are:

Van Loan Endicott uses top-rated online learning platforms and techniques to deliver a rich learning experience.

Unique, Innovative and Personalized Course Delivery

The Canvass Learning Management System allows students, faculty and staff to collaborate and communicate in a variety of ways within courses and other approved campus departments and groups. This feature-rich platform creates an interactive teaching and learning environment through:

  • Easy access to syllabi, lectures, class notes and presentations
  • Management of online assignments
  • Convenient links to outside resources
  • Ability to view videos and audio resources
  • Work in virtual study groups
  • Multiple methods for participating in class discussions and communication with all fellow students and faculty

Undergraduate Online Courses:

Van Loan Online offers quality classes for students wanting to complete their undergraduate associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Whether you wish to take all of your classes from a distance, or find it helpful to complement your in-person classes with our online offerings, there is most certainly something that will work for your unique needs and preferences.

You can get started any time with our online courses, as we accept registrations for our undergraduate online programs year round. 

Spring 2015 Online courses include: 

ABA 345 Intro Autism Spectrum Disorder
ACC175 Financial Accounting
ACC185 Managerial Accounting
APL100 Assessment of Prior Learning
BUS110 Business Computers
BUS210 Finance
BUS270 Communicating in Business
BUS305 Human Resource Management
BUS335 Managing Innovation
BUS355 Risk Management
BUS410 Electronic Commerce
BUS489 Senior Thesis I 
BUS490 Senior Thesis II
CHE230 Forensic Science 
CJ341 Domestic Violence
CJ350 Terrorism Studies
CMM345 Media and Cultural Studies
CMM432 The Dark Side of the Internet
ECN201 Macroenomics
ED320 Classroom Management Building
ED339 Classroom Assessment
EDM300 Education and Democracy
EDM400 Action Research
ENG101 College Writing Seminar
ENG235 Twentieth Century Fiction
ENG315 Women & Literature
ENV216 Natural Disasters and Catastrophes
HMS310 Crisis Intervention 
HST229 The American West 
HST317 Civil Rights Movement
IST216 International Conflicts
LST489 Senior Thesis I
LST490 Senior Thesis II
MTH126 Applied Statistics
PE210 Nutrition
POL110 World Politics
PSY203 Adulthood and Aging
PSY220 Psych Perpectives
PSY302 Research Methods
PSY305 Social Psychology
PSY322 Physiological Psychology
PSY489 Senior Thesis I
PSY490 Senior Thesis II

We offer an online Accelerated Bachelor and Associate Degree Program with such majors as Business Administration, Psychology and Liberal Studies. To learn more, contact:

Undergraduate Accelerated Degree:
Brian Pellinen
Assistant Dean, Professional Studies

Assessment of Prior Learning:
Enid Larsen, M.S.W., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Academic Programs


BCBA® Certificate Option - Online

The BCBA® Certificate Option was developed for professionals who hold graduate or undergraduate degree in Special Education, Psychology, or highly related fields that are seeking certification by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board as either a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®) or Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) respectively.

To learn more click here: BCBA® Certificate Option - Online

Or contact:

Dr. Thomas Zane, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Professor/Director of the Applied Behavior Analysis Online Program | 978.232-7714



The MBA program is offered completely online. This program is an 18-21 month, part-time degree program using a web-based learning platform that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. This online MBA program is designed for students who are looking for career advancement and professional growth in profit and not-for-profit organizations.

To learn more click here: Endicott MBA Online

Or contact:

TJ Hanratty
Coordinator, MBA Curriculum and Online Programs
(978) 232-2832 |



The Endicott College MBA for the Experienced Professional is a 42-credit program designed for working professionals who are seeking to further their professional and personal growth, and energize their careers.

Endicott has designed a program schedule specifically to meet the needs of international school administrators.

The program employs an accelerated model that allows for completion in a little over 30 months, but further acceleration is possible. Students will be taking courses online.

To learn more: Master of Business Administration in General Management

For more information, please contact:

Richard Pacheco
Dean Endicott College Madrid
+34 91 563 6740 │
Sue Collins
Program Development and Administration
+34 91 563 67 40 │


We offer a Hybrid version of the Master of Business Administration. This accelerated cohort-based program offers a blended model where students attend a full day of classes on Endicott's Beverly campus on the first and last Saturday of the course. Sessions between the Saturday classes are online. Also, Endicott has a full time and evening classroom based MBA programs.

To learn more: Endicott MBA Hybrid

Or Contact:

Richard Benedetto
Associate Dean Graduate Programs
978-232-2744 |



The Master of Education in Integrative Education is an online program offered in collaboration with the Institute for Education Studies (TIES), an organization dedicated to the integrative and holistic approaches to learning. Integrative learning is a process that transcends the boundaries of traditional education in a search for meaning beyond the separation of disciplines. It incorporates an ecological worldview that is interdisciplinary and socially transformative. The program compels individuals to develop systematic approaches to teaching and learning and includes practical strategies for designing learning environments that meet the needs of a culture in rapid transition. This is a three-semester, 36 credit program.

To learn more: Master of Education in Integrative Learning

For more information, please contact:

Enid Larsen, M.S.W., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Academic Programs
978-232-2198 |


Endicott College offers programs which include online and summer classroom courses at the following international locations:

Madrid in Spain at The College for International Studies
Leysin in Switzerland at The Leysin American School
Prague in the Czech Republic at The Open Gate School
Mexico City, Mexico at The American School Foundation, A.C.
Beverly, Massachusetts at Endicott College's main campus

To learn more: Master's of Education Degrees in International Education

For more information, contact:

Richard Pacheco
Dean Endicott College Madrid
+34 91 563 6740 │
Sue Collins
Program Development and Administration
+34 91 563 67 40 │



Endicott College offers a hybrid M.Ed in Athletic Administration in Beverly, Massachusetts and Leysin, Switzerland

To learn more: Master of Education in Athletic Administration

For more information, please contact:

For Beverly, Massachusetts contact:
Richard Benedetto
Associate Dean Graduate Programs

For Leysin, Madrid or Prague contact:
Rick Pacheco
Dean, Madrid Program
34-91 563 67

Endicott College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

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