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Daytime Associate Degree Programs

Launch your associates degree program at a pace that best suits your lifestyle. Our structured curricula helps you focus and stay engaged in all aspects of your learning.

Classes run from 9am-1pm Monday through Thursday and meet twice per week for 15 weeks. We also offer Friday classes that meet once a week from 9-12. 



Successful business student in the city

The Associate in Science in Business degree program allows you to gain knowledge in marketing, project management, and basic accounting and finance in preparation for work in a business setting. 

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Computer Science

Endicott students and faculty member talk

The Computer Science Associate degree program allows you to take the necessary courses they need for pursing a career in networking professionals, programming staff and IT personnel.

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Criminal Justice

Endicott student and faculty in crime lab

The Associate in Science in Criminal Justice degree program focuses on issues relevant to those interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, the justice systems, corrections, and/or social services.

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Hospitality Management student and faculty member talk

The Associate in Science in Hospitality degree program focuses on gaining knowledge in customer service, basic business, hotel management, and culinary management.

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Integrated Studies

Student working on laptop in the Halle Library

The Associate in Science in Integrated Studies allows students to obtain a strong foundation and flexible c course offerings across all disciplines to discover your passion. Graduates are prepared for advanced baccalaureate study. 

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