Endicott College Gloucester

Endicott College Gloucester offers Associate and Bachelor degree programs with flexible scheduling and small class sizes. Centrally located in downtown Gloucester, you’ll get the support you need to complete your degree and pursue career or other higher education options.

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With opportunities to study in Gloucester, at Endicott’s main campus in Beverly, and online, you’ll be able to finish your degree at a pace that works with your lifestyle.

Endicott College Gloucester’s dedicated faculty and staff will create an atmosphere of support to guide you through your education!

Classes offered Morning and Evening to accommodate busy lifestyles
Morning classes meet two times a week from 9-12 noon and run for a full semester
Evening classes meet one time a week from 6-10pm for 6 weeks

Fall 2016 Class Schedule


Program of Study

 Associate Degree in Business

ACC 175 Financial Accounting    3 cr.
ACC 185 Managerial Accounting    3 cr.
BUS 110 Business Computers    3 cr.
BUS 120 Business Fundamentals    3 cr.
BUS 200 Marketing    3 cr.
BUS 270 Communicating in Business    3 cr.
ECN 201 Macroeconomics    3 cr.
ECN 202 Microeconomics    3 cr.
Business Major Electives    6 cr.

General Education    
World Culture 3 cr.
Aesthetic Awareness 3 cr.
Literary Perspectives 3 cr.
Individual and Society  3 cr.
Quantitative Reasoning  cr.
Ethical Reasoning 3 cr.
Science & Tech 3 cr.
Global Issues 3 cr.
Total degree requirements 66 cr.

Associate Degree in Integrated Studies

ENG 101 College Writing Seminar 3 cr.
ENG 102    Introduction to Literature 3 cr.
World Culture 3 cr.
Aesthetic Awareness 3 cr.
Literary Perspectives 3 cr.
Individual & Society  3 cr.
Quantitative Reasoning 3 cr.
Ethical Reasoning 3 cr.
Science & Tech 3 cr.
Global Issues 3 cr.
BUS 120    Business Fundamentals 3 cr.
History Elective 3 cr.
Political Science/ Social Elective 3 cr.
Psychology Elective  3 cr.
Free Electives 24 cr.
Total degree requirements 66cr


Bachelor of Science in Business Management

ACC175 Financial Accounting 3cr
ACC185 Managerial Accounting 3cr
BUS110 Business Computers 3cr
BUS120 Business Fundamentals 3cr
BUS200 Marketing 3cr
BUS210 Finance 3cr
BUS270 Communicating in Business 3cr
BUS320 Organizational Behavior 3cr
BUS479A Research Project Part I 3cr
BUS479B Research Project Part II 3cr
BUS489 Senior Thesis I 3cr
BUS490 Senior Thesis II 3cr
ECN201 Macroeconomics 3cr
ECN202 Microeconomics 3cr
Business Major Electives 12cr 
ENG101 College Writing Seminar 3cr
PSY302 Research Methods 3cr
Writing Designated Course 3cr
World Culture Course 3cr
Aesthetic Awareness Course 3cr
Literary Perspectives Course 3cr
Individual & Society Course 3cr
Ethical Reasoning Course 3cr
Science & Technology Course 3cr
Global Issues Course 3cr
General Education Electives 12cr
Open Electives 27cr
Total Degree Requirements: 126cr


Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

ART 404 Imagination and Creativity 3 cr.
BUS 120 Business Fundamentals 3 cr.
CMM 306 Social Impact of the Media 3 cr.
ENG 101 College Writing Seminar 3 cr.
LST 479A Research Project I 3 cr.
LST 479B Research Project II 3 cr.
LST 489 Senior Thesis I 3 cr.
LST 490 Senior Thesis II 3 cr.
MTH 126 Applied Statistics 3 cr.
PHL 100 Introduction to Philosophy 3 cr.
POL 213 American Government and Politics 3 cr.
PSY 302 Research Methods 3 cr.
History Elective 3 cr.
International Studies Elective 3 cr.
Philosophy or Religious Studies Elective 3 cr.
Writing Designated Course 3 cr.
World Culture Course 3 cr.
Aesthetic Awareness Course 3 cr.
Literary Perspectives Course 3 cr.
Individual & Society Course 3 cr.
Ethical Reasoning Course 3 cr.
Science & Technology Course 3 cr.
Global Issues Course 3 cr.
General Education Electives 12 cr.
Open Electives 45 cr.
Total degree requirements 126 cr.

Application and Admissions

Endicott College Gloucester Application for Admission
Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. You may submit your application at any time.

All students enrolled in the daytime Associate’s degree program are required to take an Accuplacer test before registering for their first course.

Tuition and Fees

Please see below for:

1. A complete listing of the tuition and fees for the programs offered through the Van Loan School at Endicott College

2. Policies for registration and payment

2014-2015 Tuition and Fee Schedule

2015-2016 Tuition and Fee Schedule


Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid is available for qualifying students. For assistance filling out your FAFSA form or for other financial aid related questions, please contact Joanne Rakoc.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Converse and write at an acceptable level for business communications in English.
  2. Conceptualize a complex business issue into a coherent written statement and oral presentation.
  3. Understand and be able to use basic concepts in algebra and quantitative methods in solving business problems.
  4. Recall and apply the basic foundational knowledge of science and liberal studies as delivered through the Baccalaureate Core.
  5. Effectively communicate in writing and through oral communication.
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