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Hospitality Management Major/Senior Community Management Concentration (B.S.)

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People live longer and healthier than ever before. Nowadays, retirement communities are vibrant centers of active and engaging seniors, who plan activities, social trips, insist on outstanding a la carte dining facilities and amenities you expect at luxury hotels. These people require a standard of living that reflects their modern lifestyles and expectations.

When looking at Senior Living Communities, they contain three important aspects of the hospitality industry: lodging, foodservice and entertainment. Managers of these properties must understand the fundamentals of hospitality along with the issues involved when people live in a group setting.

This concentration explores the competencies required to be a successful manager of a senior living community. Topics such as nutrition, psychology, governmental regulations, design considerations, event planning, financing options and marketing will be covered in relation to senior communities.

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Activities Director, Symphony Manor
Assisted Living Community Resources Coordinator, Brooksby Village
Dining Services Purchasing Coordinator, North Hill
Division Director, Servior Luxembourg
Wellness Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator, Asbury ~ Solomons Island
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