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Welcome to the School of Visual & Performing Arts

In the School of Visual and Performing Arts, programs of study integrate theory, practice and history so students can respond to the rapidly changing demands within the visual arts professions.

Academic programs in Visual and Performing Arts include the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with concentrations in Creative Arts Therapy, Graphic Design, Photography, and Studio Art; the School also offers a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design with a concentration in Sustainable Design.

For students who demonstrate interest and talent, the School provides many opportunities within its range of offerings, from traditional studio arts to advanced computer animation. Balancing the theoretical with the practical, and classroom exercises with internship experiences, is the hallmark of the School of Visual and Performing Arts. Students applying for admission are encouraged to submit a portfolio of artwork for review by the faculty.

To prepare the student for contemporary directions within the arts, studio programs emphasizing creative and critical thinking are complemented with the technical skills needed to explore and use the visual languages of Art. These creative and technical proficiencies are placed in historical and aesthetic contexts, all within a liberal arts education. Endicott College firmly believes that the more diverse the educational background, the more prepared the student will be for meeting the challenges of a professional practice.

In addition to the Visual Arts, there are growing opportunities in Performing Arts including the Music Minor, Theater Minor, Endicott Singers, Repertory Dance Ensemble, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Ensemble, Boston Children's Theatre, and the Drumming Circle.

The Fall 2014 Computer Specifications for BFA Graphic Design and BFA Photography Majors.

Please view information regarding Academic Technology and the laptop program.

The Fall 2014 Camera Specifications for Photography Majors and Minors and all students who are enrolled in PHT 116 Intro to Digital Photography.

The Fall 2014 Computer Specifications for BS Interior Design Majors.

BFA in Studio Art and BFA in Art Therapy Majors are encouraged to have a Mac laptop.

For information about the School of Visual and Performing Arts contact Mark Towner, Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts.

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