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School of Visual & Performing Arts

In the School of Visual and Performing Arts, programs of study integrate theory, practice and history so students can respond to the rapidly changing demands within the visual arts professions. Academic programs in Visual and Performing Arts include the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Art Therapy, Studio Art with concentrations in 2D – Painting, Drawing and Printmaking; 3-D Sculpture, ceramics, and installation; Intermedia – Digital Media and Mixed Media; Graphic Design, and Photography. The School also offers a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

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The School of Visual and Performing Arts at Endicott College received an official document recently from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) informing the College they voted to grant membership to the North Shore institution. NASAD is the national accrediting agency for art and design and art and design-related disciplines. It produces statistical research, provides professional development for leaders of art and design schools, and engages in policy analysis. This year NASAD granted new membership to only six institutions, one of which is Endicott College.  Read more

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a four-year, pre-professional degree integrating three areas of study: studio art, psychology, and creative arts therapy. Primarily based on the visual arts, students may augment their courses with opportunities in drama, music, and poetry.

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Graphic Design

Endicott College students concentrating in graphic design develop a growing body of knowledge and expertise in concepts, composition, layout, typography, and imagery in both contemporary and historical contexts, learning more advanced methods and techniques as the course sequence continues.

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Interior Design

Endicott students

The Department of Interior Design at Endicott College offers a four-year learning experience for students seeking professional practice in the design of interior architectural environments.
Accredited by Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)

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Endicott students and faculty member talk about camera

In their course of study at Endicott College, photography students are encouraged to explore this complex and changing medium with an emphasis on art practice and exploration of ideas, as well as the development of imagery and skills for commercial applications.

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Studio Art

The most flexible of all the Art and Design programs, Studio Art students explore a wide range of experiences through a studio-oriented program of study. In addition to taking the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree requirements students get to choose seven additional art elective courses of personal interest.

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Fifth Year Masters of Arts in Interior Design

The 5th year program in Interior Design allows students graduating from Endicott College’s Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)-accredited baccalaureate program to move directly into the Master of Arts degree program in Interior Design.

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