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Media Services Disclaimer:
Media Services cannot guarantee the fulfillment of all requests or all aspects of certain requests. Variables such as availability of staff, equipment or other resources at the time and date of a particular request all affect the ability of Media Services to fulfill a request, (e.g. the availability of staff to remain as technical support for the entirety of an event.) Any events that would require AV staff support beyond equipment setup and/or breakdown at the start or end of an event, must be discussed with a member of AV staff  at least two weeks prior to the event. It should not be assumed that an AV staff member is available to be on hand for the entirety of an event and a requestor should not make a promise to an outside client that such support will happen until a member of AV staff has been consulted and made part of the planning process. Failure to do so may result in a member of AV staff to be unavailable to support said event in the manner the client may expect.

The Endicott College Academic Technology Team has installed AV technology in nearly every academic space throughout the campus. Our classroom technology spans from fully mediated lectern stations and portable AV display carts to multi display team building classrooms and video conferencing suites.


Contact: - for all media questions, trainings and requests. 

The most common type of classroom mediation has all of the equipment physically built into the lectern teaching station. Every classroom that has a built-in AV system has the following elements as standard:

  • Wall mounted projector Screen
  • Control panel for easy projector On/Off, volume control and input selection
  • In-Room Speakers
  • Windows Computer with Internet access - No usernames or passwords needed
  • USB port (normally found on the front of the computer)
  • Microsoft Office 2013 or newer
  • Ability to play DVD and Audio CDs - BluRay not supported
  • VGA (Analog) laptop connection cable - No Mac / Mini Display Port adapters provided
  • HDMI (Digital) laptop connection cable - No Mac / Mini Display Port adapters provided 

Contact: - To schedule classroom training / request an adapter for your laptop

We have several specialized classrooms on campus that cover multi display team building, financial strategy and video conferencing suites. For these rooms, we strongly advise a specific training be scheduled with a member of our team on the operation on the system before the start of each semester.

  • Team Building Classrooms - LSB 247 and LSB 347
  • Financial Strategy Classroom - LSB 255
  • Video Conferencing Suite - LSB 249 and Van Loan 202 

Contact: - To schedule an AV training session 

The final type of classroom mediation is a portable AV display cart. This is generally used in smaller classroom spaces that are not large enough for built-in systems to be practical or rooms that experience regular reconfiguration. Portable AV display carts contain:

  • Laptop computer,
  • LCD projector and wall mounted screen
  • Desktop speaker(s) 

Additional / specific room information:

  • Van Loan 202 does not have the ability to play optical disks of any kind.
  • The Misselwood Carriage House and Van Loan 112 do not have HDMI connectivity.
  • LSB 312, Van Loan 202, VPAC 208 and VPAC 209 have Mac computers not PCs

Mediated classroom configurations (by building and room)

Airserver Instructions

Media Services - Audio & Visual - Online Request Form: Click here  to make an online AV request

Our office hours are:
Monday - Thursday
8:00AM to 7:00PM
8:00AM to 5:00PM

Contact Academic Technology/ Media Services
Wax Academic Center-AC 259

Media Services Policies and Procedures

Media Services Process and Services Disclaimer

Media Services Electronic Media Transfer Policies 




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