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La Chanterelle - The Non-traditional Classroom

Throughout history, food and beverage has brought people together. Today it still forms one of the key components in hospitality. From running your own event company to managing restaurants at your hotel or dealing with catering organizations, you need to have a firm knowledge of how to manage and train employees, understand cost controls and need to be able to communicate with kitchen and service staff.

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At La Chanterelle, the non-traditional classroom, you will acquire skills fundamental to the hospitality industry in classes such as service management, culinary arts operations and events management. Our goal is to educate students in developing a managerial "eye for detail", combined with interpersonal, teambuilding, time management and critical thinking skills; all of which are crucial in today's competitive world.

student presenting wine bottleSmall class sizes (5 to 1 student-teacher ratio), together with the international hospitality background of professors and assistant teachers, provide a unique learning experience by combining both theoretical and practical knowledge, allowing you to gain a competitive edge when starting to work in the hospitality industry. For our guests who wish to dine at La Chanterelle, we ask for your understanding and patience as our students' progress while you discover the educational experience at La Chanterelle.To accommodate as many guests as possible, reservations are required . We request you inform us two days in advance if you are not able to honor your reservation. Appropriate attire is requested in the restaurant.

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La Chanterelle restaurant and tasting schedule

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