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The Endicott campus is well-known for its beauty - seaside views, private beaches, varied and inspiring architecture, fountains and ponds - it's a popular draw and certainly a consideration when students choose to study here. But I invite you come explore beyond the scenery! We have so much to offer students, families, and visitors, and we look forward to sharing the Endicott Experience with you.

Visit Endicott and learn why our graduates become models of achievement, maturity and success; people of whom we are very proud. Explore our state-of-the-art computer labs, or see the future of medicine in action in our nursing lab. Perhaps you'll take in a theater or musical performance or visit one of our many art galleries, or watch our DIII athletics teams hard at work representing the Gulls name. You may seek inspiration in a brisk ocean breeze on the beach, or stay in one of our residence halls as a student or visitor. No matter what part of campus you explore, I'm confident you will discover that Endicott is a very special place, inside and out. Every building, every program, every opportunity is well worth the time to explore in detail. 

Our faculty and staff are enthusiastic representations of the Endicott mission, and I encourage you to speak with them if you have questions or want to hear more about a program, club, or just what life is like on our campus. The experiences we speak of so enthusiastically here at Endicott College are very real - as real as lifelong friends, fulfilling careers, and confident citizens. They are surprisingly varied, just like our majors, our activities and, of course, our students. 

Our culture here is a collection of academics, experiential learning, athletics, extracurricular adventures, and community service, and we enjoy being an integral part of the vibrant Beverly community. We welcome visitors from all over the world - from a local wedding or business meeting to international guests here as part of academic exchanges. And we look forward to welcoming you, as you explore the best Endicott has to offer. 

Dr. Richard E. Wylie 

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