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Verification Procedures

Verification is the process of verifying or confirming the accuracy of data that is provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  

At Endicott, students can be selected for Verification in 2 ways:

1. 100 % of those applications selected by the Central Processing System (CPS) during the processing of application data, either randomly or based upon predetermined edit criteria, are required to be verified by the Financial Aid Office.

2. The Financial Aid Office may also select applications for Verification that were not selected by the CPS.  These additional applications may be selected based upon but are not limited to such criteria as family income/asset levels, number in family/college, and questionable changes in an individual student's EFC or family circumstances from year to year. 

Verification, if required, is performed prior to the awarding of any financial aid.  Estimated awards may be made on an exception only basis but federal loans will not be certified and funds will not be credited to a student's account until Verification has been completed.

The Financial Aid Office electronically submits changes made to the FAFSA as a result of Verification to the CPS so that an official EFC can be calculated.  The revised FAFSA and resulting EFC is then sent to both the student and the College.  The student can then be awarded based upon the official, corrected EFC.

NOTE: The Endicott Financial Aid Office will always resolve conflicting information, regardless of whether the applicant is selected for Verification or not. 

In cases of suspected fraud or other criminal misconduct in connection with the FAFSA, the College will contact the Department of Education's Office of Inspector General.

When selected for Verification, the following forms are required:

1. Verification Worksheet 2017-2018

2. Copies of Student's and Parent(s)'W-2s

3. A copy of student's and parent(s)' official IRS Tax Transcripts (Due to recent changes in the federal verification process, Endicott cannot accept photocopies of tax returns).  To request an Official IRS Tax Transcript, please call 800-908-9946 or visit Ordering Transcripts and order a transcript online.  Alternatively, the IRS Data Retrieval Tool via the FAFSA can be used to transfer your tax information directly to the FAFSA. For step by step instructions on using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, please visit Data Retrieval Tool Instructions. 




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