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A distinctive graphic identity communicates important information about an institution’s stability, credibility, and strength. All publications or communications distributed off campus or to a reading public larger than an individual class or student group must adhere to the graphic standards listed here. 

Publications produced with private funds or to support student organizations are also subject to these guidelines if the College’s name is used in any way to support or promote the organization or activity.

Official letterhead, business cards, and envelopes are ordered through the Purchasing Department. Please use only the official letterhead, business cards, and envelopes for all College correspondence.


Master Logo
The master logo is the preferred logo version and should be a starting point in the creation of all marketing materials.Whenever possible, the master logo should appear in the College blue.

The logo must be present on all College communications.
This includes, but is not limited to: brochures, stationery, business cards, signage, and the College website. 

Never manipulate the logo in any way

Do not create secondary (sub) logos to represent a school, college, center, institute, program, or event.

You must not…

      • Add elements to the logo
      • Draw or retype the logo
      • Change the proportion of the logo
      • Change the spacing between the individual elements or characters
      • Change the arrangement of the elements
      • Place the logo at an angle other than horizontal or vertical
      • Change the color of the logo to a nonbrand color

While the master logo is the preferred logo version, a stacked version of the logo has been created for exceptional circumstances or space constraints.


Logo Elements
The master logo is a combination of the College icon and wordmark. While the master logo is the preferred logo version of the College, the logo elements can be used independently.

Sub-brand Logos
Sub-brand logos distinguish the individual schools, colleges, offices, and other sub-entities while demonstrating a -connection to the College. These sub-brands complement, but do not replace, the master logo.

College Seal
Use of the College seal is restricted to projects associated with the College president and/or Board of Trustees; official documents, such as those produced for the Registrar’s Office, which include diplomas, transcripts, or grade reports; or official College events, such as commencement.


Athletic Logos
The athletic logo(s) should be used exclusively to represent the athletic department or individual athletic teams. In all other instances, the master logo is the preferred logo version.

The athletic logos may not be redesigned. Changes in the relationship, perspective, shape, or configuration of the image or its components are prohibited.

High-resolution downloads of Endicott's athletic logo are made available to the Endicott community in the Image Gallery. Sub-brand logos for individual athletic teams have been created and are also available on the Image Gallery.

Please contact the Office of Communications and Publications if your project requires an .eps. (See “What file type you should use? EPS vs JPEG“ under the Image Gallery section.)

Athletic teams may not utilize the athletic logo on any merchandise (clothing, banners, stationery, etc.) if it has been altered in any way. This includes all items purchased/produced in house or by third-party vendors.

Use of logos on apparel may require additional guidelines. Please contact the Director of Athletics.

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College Colors



Endicott Blue
PMS 540
CMYK equivalent: 100C, 77M, 38Y, 36K
HEX #00325b



Endicott Green
PMS 341
CMYK equivalent: 100C, 26M, 80Y, 14K
HEX # 007c5a

Email Guidelines

Avoid script fonts or variations in font color. Keep text to blue or black. Avoid background fills; keep backgrounds white.

The College prefers that all employees use the same signature style. We suggest the general use of:

Please download an email-specific logo file from the image gallery (file name: EmailLogo150px.jpg)

Official letterhead, business cards, and envelopes are ordered through the Purchasing Department. Please use only the official letterhead, business cards, and envelopes for all College correspondence.

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