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Endicott TV and Radio

Endicott Radio

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    EC Radio streams on the internet 24/7 with live and pre-recorded programs. This opportunity is open to all Endicott students. DJs play music, talk about interests, or create original programming. Listen to EC Radio anywhere, anytime using the "Listen Now" tab. 

    Advisor: Randall Livingstone


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    Please note that programming featured on "Live Channel Stream" is not closed captioned. If you would like to view a program with captioning, please contact Ellie Pye at or 978-232-2074 for assistance.

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    ECTV is the student-managed television channel whose mission is to produce quality television programming for, by, and about the Endicott College community. Watch ECTV live or check out any ECTV program On Demand, using the "Watch ECTV Live" tab.

    Advisor: Ellie Pye

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