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Information for the Media

To speak with any of the below experts or to see additional expertise, please contact:

Communications Office
Erin Hatch
Director of Public Relations and Digital Communications

Expert Topic
Kent Barclay Academic or educational technology; instructional multimedia; web portals and learning management systems; smart classrooms; laptop programs
Dr. Andrew Brody Computer-aided architectural modeling and rendering; electronic workflow in the design studio
Dr. Mari Butler                              Environmentally related issues; global climate change; pesticide use; mosquito issues; oceanography
Robert Chambers Economics; computers
Lisa Courcy Pregnancy and childbirth; adolescent pregnancy; dating violence; infant and child growth and development; breastfeeding; pediatrics; community health; simulation technology in nurse education
Brian Courtemanche                              Library sciences
Brendan Cronin Culinary arts; food; emerging food trends
Dr. Brian Fitzpatrick Music
Dr. Charlotte Gordon Early American history and literature, particularly Salem, Beverly, and Boston; Anne Bradstreet; women writers; non-fiction writing; American religion; the Bible; Jewish/Islamic/Christian relations; the Middle East; women in the Bible; Mary Shelley; Mary Wollstonecraft; 18th and 19th century British women's literature
Erin (Dougherty) Hatch Social media; higher education in social media; social media marketing; internet marketing; external communications; online community building; public relations; media relations
Dr. Laurel Hellerstein Communications; journalism; media effects; media and politics; new media technologies
Dr. Sergio Inestrosa US/Mexico relations
Dr. Robert Jerin Crime victimization; domestic violence; child abuse; domestic homicide; criminal offending; police community relations and liability; restraining orders; crime victims' rights
Dr. John Kelley                              Diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders; social science research methodology; statistical analysis; placebo effects
Rebecca Kenneally Performing arts
Dr. Michael Kilburn American and international politics; human rights; oral history
Dr. Bram Lutton Stem cell biology; comparative physiology; focusing on hematology; immunology; endocrinology and reproduction; bioethics
Cherie Lynch Internship; experiential learning
Dr. Anna McAlister Consumer behavior; marketing; advertising; branding; psychology; child development (language, theory of mind, executive functioning); public policy; nutrition
Joshua McCabe Politics of taxation and social policy (especially related to families, housing, health, and federalism) in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom
Dale McLennan Career counseling and services
Dr. Richard Nastasi Philosophy and sport (issues of cheating, performance enhancing drugs, competition, play as connected as well as opposed to sport); new models of teaching physical education; teaching PE to autistic children; Endicott College's Oratory Society (academic debate, public speaking, and Model United Nations)
Dr. Michael Paige Technology innovation; emerging technologies; informatics; computer science; information science; disruptive technologies; management of innovation
 Kenneth Riaf Aquaculture law, policy and regulation; open ocean aquaculture; business law; law in literature and film; hospitality law
Cynthia Roberts Contemporary art/artist
Dr. William Samenfink Hospitality; restaurants; food and beverage; hotels; tourism and travel; current trends in hospitality
Marcia Toomey Financial aid
Justin Topp Biological engineering; genomics; proteomics; biochemistry; philosophy of science and technology
David Vigneron Philanthropy
Dr. Aron Viner International business; Asia
Richard Weissman Operations management; supply chain management; negotiation; quality systems; customer service; leadership