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Coronavirus: Alumni in Action

We are proud of our alumni who are making positive contributions to their communities during this public health crisis. Gulls who graduated from the School of Nursing, School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, and more, are directly working to combat the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Ashley Mueskes '16, Nursing

No one was completely prepared for the COVID-19 crisis, but nursing alumna Ashley Mueskes ’16 was glad her Endicott experience gave her the tools she needs to succeed as an ICU nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Michael Minerva ’16, Business Administration

An EMT in Westchester County, N.Y., Minerva works eight- to 16-hour shifts minimum, responding to COVID-19 patients. He was highlighted in the NCAA story, “Responding to the need” featuring current and former student-athletes—those who are stepping up during the COVID-19 crisis.

Jeanna Barbieri ’12, Nursing

The life of an emergency room nurse is always extremely hectic, and those feelings have notably intensified during the coronavirus. However, one such nurse, Jeanna Barbieri ’12 is fighting not only against a virus, but against patient loneliness caused by necessary “no visitor” policies in hospitals.

Samantha Van Tassel ’19, Biology

When Samantha Van Tassel ‘19 started her Endicott journey, she knew she wanted to be a physician assistant (PA). Today the world of healthcare looks drastically different as COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, but her experience has prepared her for everything.

Jamie Corda ’17, Nursing

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, the reality of the illness still hasn’t hit home for many of us. However, for Endicott nursing alumna Jamie Corda ’17, she sees what the disease can do first hand on a daily basis and in early April, it became even more real for her as she was formally diagnosed herself.

Emily de la Rocha ’20, Art Therapy

Emily de la Rocha ’20 just earned her B.F.A. in Art Therapy and is already using that education to translate her experiences during the pandemic into visual work. Recently, she was included in a collaborative poetry/art feature in the Hartford Courant.