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Collecting information about your career goals, interests, and extracurricular involvement, the Career Center will match prospective mentees with alumni mentors. The mentor and student commit to a year-long, one-on-one mentoring relationship with the purpose of creating a professional, mutually beneficial partnership. As a student, you will benefit by receiving career advice and guidance from your mentor as well as developing professional competencies. Mentors benefit by reconnecting to the Endicott community, gaining a fresh perspective on their fields, and having the opportunity to positively affect the professional growth of a young leader.

Application Process:

Mentor Application

Mentee Application


  • What is the role of the mentor?

    The role of the mentor is to enhance the educational experience of Endicott students by providing them with real-world advice and feedback regarding their areas of career interest. Some examples of how mentors may assist students include:

    • Describe personal experiences related to career development/advancement
    • Offer feedback on resumes, cover letters, and interview strategies
    • Provide networking opportunities/contacts
    • Share information about the employer and offer opportunity for a workplace visit
    • Discuss work/life balance issues
  • What is the student's responsibility?

    The role of the student is to maintain contact with the mentor on a monthly basis, ask the mentor for career advice and feedback, and share information with the mentor about their experiences at Endicott.

  • How will mentors be matched with students?

    Mentors and students are matched based upon their work histories and career interests. Mentors and students are required to go through an application process that requires them to clarify their interests and goals for the mentorship.

  • What kind of support will be available during the mentorship?

    All new mentor/student matches have an initial orientation meeting where they are introduced to each other and are provided with resource materials. In addition, Career Center staff provide suggestions for activities and opportunities for professional development throughout the year and are always available to help with any questions or concerns that arise.

  • Are mentors required to live or work near Endicott College?

    Though it is encouraged for mentors to have in-person meetings with students when and if possible, alumni living out of state or far from the Endicott campus may serve as career mentors via telephone and email.

  • Where can I find more information?

    For more information about the Endicott Career Mentoring Program, please contact the Career Center at