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Alumni Reunion 2018 Transcript

Video Description

The Alumni Office hosted its annual Reunion Weekend. Hundreds of alumni returned to campus June 8-10 to relive their days as students and reminisce with classmates. Alumni of all years, from as early as 1948 through 2013, came back to Endicott to celebrate their milestone reunions. They stayed in dorms, toasted champagne at Tupper Manor, toured campus on foot and by trolley to see all the changes since their last time back, ate lobsters at Misselwood, played cornhole at Beechwood, and enjoyed a sunset cruise around the harbors of the North Shore.

Text Transcript

2018 Alumni Weekend Text Description

0:00 - Fade in from black to a view of the ocean with a sunset in the background

0:03 - Women doing yoga near the ocean

0:05 - A two-person band plays in the background

0:07 - The Gull mascot points into the camera

0:09 - Close up angle on Reunion Weekend 2018 signage

0:11 - A serving tray opens to reveal baked lobster

0:13 - A bag lands on the “bags” landing board

0:15 - A male and a female toss the bag

0:17 - People riding a trolley car and waving at the camera

0:19 - A view from inside the trolley car

0:21 - A close up view of a guitarist and trumpeter playing their instruments

0:24: A person scooping mussels out of a serving tray into a bowl

0:27 - A group of alumni waving at the camera with lobster on the table

0:28 - Two females looking out onto the bay with ships sailing in the background

0:31 - Another shot of women doing yoga on a lawn

0:34 - A man, the Gull mascot, and a woman waving at the camera

0:37 - A man and a woman looking out onto the ocean, smiling

0:39 - Close up of a DJ mixing on his turntables

0:41 - People cheering on a boat in the ocean

0:43 - Four women taking a selfie with the ocean in the background

0:45 - Two women and a man posing for a photographer on a boat

0:48 - A group of women posing on the board holding a sign that reads “2013”

0:52 - Several people sitting on the lawn and adirondack chairs

0:56 - Fade out to black