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Alumni Reunion 2018 Transcript

Video Description

The Alumni Office hosted its annual Reunion Weekend. Hundreds of alumni returned to campus June 7-9 to relive their days as students and reminisce with classmates. Alumni of all years, from as early as 1949 through 2014, came back to Endicott to celebrate their milestone reunions. They stayed in dorms, toasted champagne at Tupper Manor, toured campus on foot and by trolley to see all the changes since their last time back, ate lobsters at Misselwood, played cornhole at Beechwood, and enjoyed a sunset cruise around the harbors of the North Shore.

Text Transcript

2019 Alumni Weekend Text Description

00:00 I'm Barbara Burgess mayor I was class of 1969 at Endicott and and finished here
00:06 when I was a two-year school to come back and see people that I hadn't seen
00:12 you know for 50 years was a thrill for
00:16 me I don't know how many people said to
00:19 me wait a minute
00:20 I don't think we can wait another year
00:21 to get together here it was their 50th
00:24 but I'm hoping that people do come back
00:26 for another one we were able to say wow
00:29 I hadn't been to reunion before it was
00:32 50s I thought I'd come but boy I regret
00:35 not having gone to everyone.