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Financial Aid Forms

Standard Financial Aid Forms

Please complete the following two forms to be considered for any federal, state, and/or institutional need-based aid:

1. Endicott College Financial Aid Application 2019-20

2. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 

Financial Aid Verification Forms

Please complete and submit the following documents ONLY if your FAFSA has been chosen for verification:

1. Verification Worksheet 2019-20.

2. Copies of student's and parent(s)' 2017 W-2s.  If did not work, please note on Verification Worksheet.

3. A copy of the first two pages of student's and parent(s)' 2017 tax returns SIGNED AND DATED. Alternatively, the IRS Data Retrieval Tool via the FAFSA can be used to transfer your tax information directly to the FAFSA. For step by step instructions on using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, please click Data Retrieval Tool Instructions.

4. If parent(s) did not file taxes, please note on the Verification Worksheet and complete a 4506-T Form.

Additional Verification Forms

Please complete the following forms ONLY if requested by the Financial Aid Office:

2019-20 Documentation of Income

2019-20 Special Circumstance Form

2019-20 Statement of Educational Purpose and HS Completion Status