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Rachid Sow Reflection Video Transcript

Video Description

Rachid Sow '20 has an inspiring story of turmoil-to-triumph that he shared with prospective students and families during Virtual Accepted Students Day 2020.

Text Transcript

0:00 (foreign language greeting)
0:02 - Dear parents, fellow students,
0:05 dear class of 2024, hello!
0:08 My name is Abdourrachid Sow,
0:10 I am a senior International Studies major
0:12 from Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa.
0:14 Today, I'd like to take the time to congratulate you
0:17 on being accepted to Endicott College,
0:20 share my experience with you,
0:21 and give you some insight on how you can embrace
0:24 your journey at this incredible institution
0:26 and make the most of your experience.
0:29 First, congratulations!
0:31 I remember the day when I got accepted to Endicott.
0:35 As I opened the envelope and read the admission letter
0:37 I was filled with excitement and overwhelmed
0:39 by all the possibilities that awaited;
0:42 the opportunity to grow as an individual and professional,
0:45 to become independent,
0:47 learn to hone my critical thinking and writing skills
0:50 on a beautiful seaside campus,
0:52 and make life-lasting friendships and memories.
0:56 Yet, I was anxious,
0:58 unsure of what my college experience would be like.
1:01 Off course, I had set goals and expectations for myself,
1:04 and I was excited to reach them.
1:06 But there was a little knot in the pit of my stomach,
1:08 a feeling of uncertainty I couldn't shake!
1:12 See, the transition from high school
1:14 to college is an adjustment.
1:15 I don't care who you are,
1:17 whether you are the popular kid in high school,
1:19 a sports team captain,
1:21 or the shy kid who sits in the back of the classroom.
1:24 We're all humans
1:25 and we all go through a period of adjustment
1:28 as we close one chapter of our lives
1:30 and move on to the next.
1:31 For me, it was traveling halfway through the world
1:34 to attend college in a place where I was unsure
1:37 of how well I'd fit in because of my intersectionalities,
1:41 but Endicott exceeded my expectations.
1:43 That brings me to my next point,
1:45 embracing your opportunities.
1:47 As you come to Endicott, the first feeling you get
1:50 is that of acceptance and belonging.
1:52 From the giant screen at the main gate that reads;
1:55 Welcome to the Nest,
1:56 to the smiling public safety officers
1:58 to the amazing staff and faculty.
2:01 I knew I felt welcomed,
2:03 But the experience doesn't stop there.
2:06 For anyone truly looking to make the most of their journey
2:09 at Endicott, there are many opportunities.
2:12 From our academics to our internship programs
2:15 to our clubs and organizations, the possibilities to succeed
2:19 are endless, we just have to reach and grab them.
2:22 You just have to reach and grab them!
2:25 Your professors will want you to understand the courses
2:28 and ask pertinent questions,
2:29 they will challenge you, and so will your deans
2:32 and academic advisors and your internship coordinators;
2:35 they will have a multitude of resources for you.
2:39 But you will have to make it personal,
2:41 take the first step and embrace your education!
2:45 Throughout my college career at Endicott,
2:47 I've had the honor and privilege to meet
2:49 and introduce Nelson Mandela's grandson,
2:52 Ndaba Mandela to the Endicott community.
2:54 I've met and introduced Charles Sennott
2:56 of the Ground Truth Project,
2:59 competed at the Harvard National Model United Nations,
3:02 spoken at the United Nations Headquarters in New York,
3:06 completed a semester-long internship with Congressman
3:09 Seth Moulton of the 6th District of Massachusetts,
3:12 have been the sole student speaker before an assembly
3:15 of 2 000 at Dr. DiSalvo's inauguration
3:18 representing a student body of 5 000
3:21 and now, I am speaking to you!
3:24 In retrospect, I never knew or thought this could
3:27 be possible for me before coming to Endicott.
3:30 But I reached, took charge of my education by making
3:32 the first step, by showing up to class,
3:35 by seeking and seizing opportunities, always being ready,
3:39 by making some of the most amazing friendships ever.
3:43 I am confident that you can too!
3:46 That said, I'd like to challenge you
3:48 to take charge of your Endicott experience,
3:52 to keep an open mind as you begin this new chapter
3:54 of your life, to always seek and seize opportunities.
3:58 I'd like to challenge you to rise above your fears,
4:01 to leave behind the things that are beyond your control,
4:04 and to put to scrutiny what's within your reach.
4:07 Be kind in all that you do,
4:09 be kind to yourself and others.
4:12 Always smile, live by your words,
4:15 treat your peers and professors with respect and dignity,
4:18 and make sound choices so that one day
4:21 you may look back at your college experience with pride.
4:24 Congratulations again on being accepted to Endicott College
4:27 as part of the class of 2024!
4:30 I wish you the best of luck, Go Gulls!