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Julie Sanders Reflection Video Transcript

Video Description

Julie Sanders '20 discovered the warm embrace of the Endicott College through a variety of outlets that the College had to offer. She shared her story with prospective students and families during Virtual Accepted Students Day 2020.

Text Transcript

0:00 - Hi, everybody.
0:01 My name is Julie Sanders,
0:03 and I'm originally from Windham New Hampshire.
0:05 I'm also a current senior at Endicott College
0:09 studying biology and biotechnology.
0:11 The reason why I'm speaking with you today
0:14 is to share a little of my experience at Endicott.
0:17 And that's in hopes of helping guide your college decision.
0:22 Sitting where you are,
0:24 I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do
0:28 and where I wanted to go to school,
0:30 and that was at Endicott.
0:32 I knew I wanted to be a Gull, for two reasons.
0:34 The first was because of the superior athletics,
0:37 and the second was because of the competitiveness
0:40 of the biotechnology industry locally.
0:44 While these were the reasons
0:45 that I decided to come to Endicott,
0:47 the reasons why I decided to stay
0:49 and make Endicott my home are completely different.
0:52 As an athlete and a scientist,
0:54 I felt that my path was set by going to Endicott.
0:58 But what I couldn't predict was my college experience
1:01 changing drastically during my first semester.
1:05 Before the year had even started,
1:07 during volleyball preseason,
1:09 I seriously injured my left knee
1:11 for the second time in my life.
1:13 And, again, I was going to have to go through surgery
1:16 and months of rehabilitation.
1:18 Worst of all, I was going to have to miss my first season.
1:23 And I was heartbroken.
1:25 During this time, my coach made sure
1:28 that I was taken care of,
1:30 that while I couldn't walk,
1:31 they were my waitresses at the dining hall.
1:33 They were transportation to practice,
1:35 and they were my emotional support.
1:38 I wanted to thank them, return the favor,
1:41 and be more than just a voice on the bench.
1:44 Through Endicott, I got the opportunity
1:46 to attend a leadership retreat.
1:49 While it was during my season,
1:50 my coach encouraged me to go and learn what I could,
1:54 knowing that I was struggling with my injury.
1:57 He saw the value in a well-rounded player.
2:00 On this leadership retreat,
2:02 where we had no phones for a weekend,
2:04 I self-reflected and connected with people
2:07 that I probably wouldn't have met otherwise.
2:09 For the first time in my life,
2:11 I felt like I had an impact on others outside of sports,
2:15 and I was able to lead in a new way.
2:18 It lit a spark in me.
2:20 While I loved volleyball,
2:22 I realized that I lacked the same level of commitment
2:25 that I used to have.
2:27 And I wasn't sure if the continued risk of injury
2:30 and the long-lasting effects of those injuries
2:33 were worth it.
2:35 I went home, and after talking with my family,
2:38 I decided to stop playing.
2:40 I was terrified.
2:42 Lost.
2:43 Unsure of what a life without sports was even like.
2:47 I had been playing my whole life.
2:49 I thought to myself, "How can I still be successful here?"
2:52 I searched for a new community
2:54 and quickly began to learn what my other passions,
2:57 interests, and hobbies were.
2:59 I did this by meeting new people
3:01 and joining some clubs.
3:03 I even accepted a leadership position
3:05 as a facilitator for the Lighthouse Leadership Society.
3:09 That's the same organization that took me on the retreat.
3:12 Through my new position and other involvements,
3:15 I discovered a whole new way
3:16 to love and care for people.
3:19 I was happier than I ever thought I could be
3:21 without the sport I loved.
3:23 I made new connections,
3:24 I learned new skills,
3:26 and, yes, I did study hard.
3:29 But I also changed a lot
3:32 and so did my career direction.
3:35 My freshman and sophomore internships
3:37 were both at pharmaceutical companies.
3:39 And I also worked with a few research groups
3:42 here on campus.
3:45 These experiences, while beneficial,
3:48 helped show me that, frankly,
3:50 I didn't like the field that I was going into
3:52 or the work that I was doing.
3:56 I realized that I craved to work in an industry
3:58 where I cared and interacted with people daily.
4:02 I began to consider moving towards a career in the practice,
4:06 rather than the development, of medicine.
4:08 Taking any kind of leap of faith is terrifying.
4:12 But for this one, I knew that I needed to be sure.
4:16 To do this, I only applied for patient care internships
4:19 my senior year.
4:21 While I waited for my internship,
4:22 I was able to see how healthcare operates in other countries
4:25 during my study abroad experience in Cork, Ireland.
4:29 With some distance from my busy life at Endicott,
4:31 I was also able to ask myself
4:33 some of the more important questions,
4:35 like, "What makes me happy in life?
4:37 "What makes me feel fulfilled, successful, and impactful?"
4:42 This was easy to do when I was hiking the Italian Dolomites,
4:45 swimming in the baths in Budapest,
4:46 and sipping lemonade on the Amalfi Coast.
4:50 I became much more excited about the concept
4:52 of direct patient care
4:53 and couldn't wait for my internship to start.
4:56 This year, my senior internship
4:58 is working for a clinical research lab
5:00 at Massachusetts General Hospital.
5:02 I'm working with a good friend,
5:03 and together we help search for alternative treatments
5:06 for chronic pain to reduce the prescription of opioids.
5:10 This experience confirmed to me
5:12 that I do wanna work with patients.
5:14 And because of that, I applied to graduate schools
5:17 to continue my education
5:19 in hopes to become a nurse practitioner.
5:22 Come this July, I will start working
5:24 towards achieving my doctorate in nursing
5:26 for women's health at Boston College,
5:28 with the support of my biological family
5:30 and my family here at Endicott.
5:32 Just a few short years ago,
5:34 if you had told me that my college experience
5:36 was going to end up like this,
5:38 I would not have believed you.
5:41 At the time, I don't think I knew
5:42 what genuine happiness was,
5:44 and I don't think I could have predicted
5:46 finding it somewhere unexpected.
5:49 I think the beauty in life
5:50 is that you never stop learning about yourself.
5:53 No matter where you end up going to school,
5:55 I want you to know that it's okay to change.
5:58 And in fact, change is a staple of the college experience.
6:03 Endicott is just the place that had the support
6:05 and opportunities I needed to succeed throughout my change.
6:09 While I am torn apart that my last semester
6:13 has been cut short,
6:14 I have no regrets.
6:17 I made the most out of my experience.
6:19 It's my wish for you that you do the same.
6:23 I challenge each of you
6:25 to choose to take risks that make you happy
6:28 and welcome change.
6:30 Thank you for listening,
6:31 and best of luck to each you,
6:33 future members of the class of 2024.
6:35 Go Gulls.