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Prior Learning Assessment

Now, we are the first on the North Shore to offer graduate-level PLA. At its base, PLA offers you efficiency, time savings, and tuition reduction as you work toward your degree. When you dig deeper, you’ll find its true value is an affirmation that your expertise is meaningful and matters. Our highly-supported process boosts your confidence as you collaboratively discover with faculty, peer support, and advising how much you already know.

What you know is more important than where you learned it.

We recognize that not all education occurs in a classroom, and that adults may have acquired college-level knowledge through work and life experiences. Our three-credit, semester-based, learner-centric courses offer a personal tour of reflection, retrieval, and writing processes. You’ll create a digital portfolio that documents your professional and personal expertise.

Master’s- & Doctoral-level PLA (PLA 500, PLA 700)

Your collective experience may earn you:

  • Up to six credits toward a master’s degree
  • Up to six credits toward a doctoral degree

Determination of credit is made by discipline experts.

Credit is awarded for:

  • College- or graduate-level learning
  • Learning that has a balance between theory and practical application
  • Material that is appropriate to academic context