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School of Hospitality Management Video Transcript

Video Description

Endicott’s hospitality management program explores industry fundamentals with courses in hospitality marketing, restaurant management, and events management along with a series of hospitality business courses. Enter our new hotel management program to learn operations, leadership and revenue management skills, and fiscal responsibility needed for this increasingly sophisticated industry.

Text Transcript

I think coming in as a freshman and taking hospitality classes right away helped me to kind of discover my passion for the events industry and the hospitality industry because I think coming in I knew I wanted to do hospitality but my classes definitely helped with kind of reassuring that passion and kind of helping me grow into the industry and kind of explore my options and what I can do with a career after graduation.

The School of Hospitality Management is really excited to offer a new hotel degree. Why are we offering a hotel degree?

Because all features of hospitality happen and take place in a hotel.

A unique feature of this degree is the hands-on experience the students will receive working underneath the supervision of managers at the Wylie Inn and Conference Center on campus.

The degree itself has four different concentrations which allows the students to pick and choose the area that they want to concentrate in.

The first area is hotel operations and consultancy, the second area is property management, the third area is hotel events sales and the fourth is a business concentration.

By having the four areas of concentration it allows the student to have much flexibility in choosing the area of specialization that they would like to have in the hospitality industry.

I think hands-on actually helps you to better prepare to get a job in the industry because you're actually seeing what it would be like to have a job in the hospitality industry when you graduate.

When a student first comes to us in hospitality, something had sparked their interest to become a hospitality student.

We typically see that many of them want to travel internationally. If you ask me what the value of doing an international experience is it's about them enhancing their confidence level.

Being a student in the hospitality program here and now going into almost finishing my junior year I came in kind of being a follower and now I've definitely become a leader in a lot of different ways and I think the School of Hospitality has definitely helped me become more of a professional and they really foster that professionalism in the classroom and outside the classroom.