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MTEL Preparation Workshops

In order to become licensed in Massachusetts, you must pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL). At Endicott, we have structured our curriculum to satisfy this requirement by incorporating the relevant MTEL tests into the licensure programs. As a student in our School of Education, you will complete all required MTELs prior to enrolling in the senior year practicum.

Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure


Test Preparation Workshops

Endicott offers intensive workshops and tutoring throughout the year to help prepare you to pass the MTEL exams. Test preparation workshops are free of charge and focus on the specific skills and subjects covered on the licensure exams. Workshops are required if you are enrolled in a licensure concentrations and are also available to those who want to meet the requirements to change into the program from another major. Contact Cathy Davison, MTEL Coordinator

United States Higher Education Act (HEA) as amended in 1998, Sec. 207, also known as Title II Public Disclosure Statement

Endicott College MTEL pass rates for the program year 2014-2015 were at 100% in the Communication and Literacy, the Early Childhood, Foundations of Reading Test, and the General Curriculum tests. Pass rates for institutions statewide for each test were: Communication and Literacy, reading subtest, 96%; Communication and Literacy, writing subtest, 96%; Early Childhood 96%; Foundations of Reading 96%; and General Curriculum 96%. For a copy of the Endicott College Institutional Report on Title II Data for 2015-2016, please contact the Coordinator of Licensure and Assessment, Endicott College.

Licensure in Other States

Planning to teach in a state other than Massachusetts? No problem.

If you wish to be licensed to teach in another state, you must still take and pass the MTEL exams as part of the program requirements. However, our department will also work closely with you, helping to define the requirements and procedure for receiving the license in that state. Many of our students are successfully pursuing licenses in multiple states since preparing for, taking, and passing the MTEL is excellent preparation for other exams, such as the PRAXIS. Contact Michelle Mustone, Licensure Officer